Short Paddle, Good People.

Hey there Paddlers,

Just wanted to drop a short Blog in about the fun I had over the weekend paddling solo on Sunday afternoon.  Went for a paddle, leaving from War Veterans’ Memorial Park Kayak Launch in Pinellas County, Fl.  Went out to look at the bird nesting Islands, then over to what we call Rat Island, recently renamed Archies Island by Parks Dept.  There I met a really nice guy anchored in his powerboat, we got to talking as I was eating a GOURMET LUNCH- an MRE-meal ready to eat.  His name just happened to be Sean!!!!  He has restored my faith in Powerboaters being Good People. Great Guy!!  Said he would have a beer for me next time we meet out there which could be soon, as I paddle this area often.  I declined on one that day due to recent sickness and a course of antibiotics I was on.

Also ran into some other paddlers and we also got to talking, just paddle stuff but it was nice.  In fact also ran into Stephen Emrick with the Green Armada, who was out paddling with a group of people for the day in the same location.  Stephen is a very nice local guide, and said if I or Jeff ever wanted to come join him , give him a call!!!  WAY COOL.

Well I have to get going but it was really cool to get out for a few hours this weekend to paddle, and the people made it all the more FUN!!  AMAZING how I went solo and found all sorts of friends to hang out with- did I say I went SOLO????

See Ya On The Wata!!  Sean

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