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The Summit A Chronicle Of Stones to SerenityThe Summit: A Chronicle Of Stones to Serenity (2009) is a beautiful film.  It is a movie that showcases why adventures go beyond the possible and make the improbable a reality.

The panoramic images of snow clad mountains surrounded by a sea of clouds painted in sunsets is what many outdoor enthusiasts yearn to see; the movie is more than the contrast of the beauty and danger of mountaineering.  It is about the whys of several men during the Meiji era go to Mount Tsurugidake, an unexplored peak in the Hida Mountains, located in the eastern area of Toyama Prefecture, Japan in 1907 .  The story is based on the novel by Jiro Nitta.

On the surface it is a story of explorers risking their lives in an endeavor to survey an area that was never explored and chart the region for national security purposes; moreover, there is a second reason the government needs this undocumented location mapped.¬† It is to save the government’s honor in preventing a group of civilian armatures in climbing a mountain that the Army has failed in the past to climb.¬† But like clouds covering mountains, there are other hidden reasons to why the men of the Japanese Army Survey unit go exploring. ¬†Furthermore,¬†their reasons are in humbling¬†to why the local guide goes, and the purpose of the Japanese Alpine Club.

Beyond the imagery and dialog I’m captivated by the gear used in 1907.¬† The heavy supplies, and the physically demanding costs, and the contrast of traditional and modern gear.¬† The local guide and survey unit gear choices are primitive compared to the modern gear the Alpine team uses.


Japanese Army Survey unit

During the first exchange between the two teams a 1955 Swedish-made Svea 123 makes an appearance when Yoshitaro Shibasaki of the Japanese Army Survey unit speaks with Usui Kojima of the Japanese Alpine Club team; the appearance of the stove is interesting because the movie is based in 1907.¬† Regardless of the gear time line mix up (and it is possible I am wrong in identifying the stove used), we see how extravagant gear can be and traditional supplies can be looked down upon.¬† Even today some of us have fallen into the trap of envying someone who has new gear or chuckled at a person’s old, heavy, and tattered gear.

After seeing this movie you will be hard pressed not to want to discover someplace new.¬† And to borrow a quote from the film “nature is eternal but life is fleeting”.¬† There is no time like the present to start your adventure.

– Jeffrey


Japanese Alpine Club team

Japanese Alpine News

1000 bornes card game

Posted: April 7, 2014 by Jeff Fabiszewski in blog, Games

1000 bornes card game campingThis past campout Sean introduced me to an old card game 1000 Bornes.  This game has existed since 1954 and goes by many names, and there is even a Cars Lightning McQueen edition.

The object of Mille Bornes is that the players are in a road race.  I know, we went kayaking to Travestine Island to getaway from the city.  And now Sean wants me to play a game about cars racing to a mythical finish line.  Never the less, the game is fun and it is easy to see why people are still playing it after its orginal published date.

Mille Bornes is played with a special deck of cards.  After dealing out six cards we took turns playing distant cards.  Granted there are also hazard, remedy, and safety cards. Each hazard is corrected by a corresponding remedy, and is actually prevented from happening in the first place by a corresponding safety.  Occasionally, Sean slowed my progress by giving me a flat tire.  I then would set up a speed limit against him.  I ran out of gas, and he had an accident.  There is a bit of strategy

Each race‚ÄĒor hand‚ÄĒis usually 700 miles (or kilometers) long, but the first player to complete that distance exactly has the option to declare an extension in which case the race becomes 1,000 miles. Other times the game is played up to 1000 miles first, and then the first player to complete that distance has the option to declare an “extension” for 1,200 miles.

BoardGameGeekFor more details and other exciting links to board games check out

– Jeff

1000 bornes card game

The game packs up small. The plastic car card holder is cool; however, I think it will break overtime if constantly placed into a dry-bag.

Mille Bornes classic auto race card game

I have a solution if you want to have a rocking good time in scaring your friends into becoming environmental aware.¬† This is how you can set the stage.¬† Go overnight kayaking or camping with a portable dvd player and two films to set the stage.¬† If you can hook up a digital presenter and throw its image onto a blanket you are good as gold.¬† Then it’s time for the popcorn, baked apples, and drink a good brew.

frontline poisoned watersYou could start the evening by showing a film like the April 21, 2009 PBS Frontline documentary “Poisoned Waters“.¬† After a few more drinks then it is time to show your feature film “The Bay“.¬† Get ready, this is an Environmental Science Fiction Horror film and it defiantly is a disturbing form of entertainment.¬† “The Bay” is a genre of film that blends environmental activism with entertainment and results in an Environmental Science Fiction Horror film.¬† It is a fictional documentary about the Chesapeake Bay,¬† directed by Barry Levinson.¬† Curiously, some of the content of the film appears to be based on some facts from “Poisoned Waters“.¬† Thus this setup is a knockout.


the bayBarry Levinson uses a kaleidoscope of digital recording devices to tell a cohesive story in “The Bay” about the town of Claridge in Maryland on July 4th 2009.¬† The tall tale tells the story of local people becoming sick and dieing within a day’s time.¬† Due to the unique cinematic choices the Eco-Horror story takes the form of a documentary created by the local people documenting their confusion, frustration, and fear as some discover that everyone is infested with isopod larva that have changed due to pollution.

At the end of the night you and your friends will be scratching, nervously wanting to boil water, and wondering could “The Bay” actually happen.

The reality is “The Bay” is today’s “Godzilla”; “Godzilla was conceived as a monster created by nuclear detonations and a metaphor for nuclear weapons.”¬† Today’s environmental fear is not nuclear weapons it is water or more specifically¬†non point source (NPS) pollution.¬† Can pollution alter isopods to become monsters, probably not.¬† But monster isopods do become a good metaphor for illustrating our fear.

– Jeff

Posted: 11/12/2011

By: Ellen McNamara By: Ellen McNamara

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – A national champion surfer and superb kayaker has never let obstacles get in his way.

Sean Fitzgibbon feels at home on the water, especially when he is paddling.

“There is so much to see out here while paddling,” Fitzgibbon said.

In fact he just got back from a 200 mile trip in Lee County.

He and Jeff Fabiszewski completed the journey. A trip that St. Petersburg Limb and Brace helped make possible. It is a business, Fitzgibbon knows well.

“My mother was on a drug for morning sickness, I was born without the fibula in my right leg,” Fitzgibbon said.

Fitzgibbon surprises a lot of people when he gets out of his kayak.

At the age of three, his leg was amputed.

Despite being different, his family always pushed him.

“They did stuff just to make me feel like I was a part of everything and they didn’t baby me at all,” Fitzgibbon said.

As a kid, he fell in love with surfing, and today is a four time national amputee champion.

When he is not surfing, you will find him guiding tours for Sweetwater Kayaks because he wants to share his love of the sport with others.

“Survivors move on, victims get left behind, and as a survivor you have to own it,” Fitzbiggon said.

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