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Ahoy Matees,

   Just wanted to write a quick posting on our recent overnight trip to one of the spoil islands off Dunedin, Florida in St. Josephs Sound.  On Saturday, Jeff, Kayak Kev & Peggy, Tim & Debbie, and of course myself(Sean) decided to meet up and go for a paddle followed by an overnight campout! We all met at the Dunedin Marina launch site at around 1:00 p.m., after loading all our gear and getting everyone launched we began paddling over to the 2nd island south of the marina. We had 10 to 15 mph. winds coming at us from the port side with 1 ft. beam seas.  The paddle took us approximately 45 minutes to get over to the island and was pretty uneventful, with the exception of the occasional small wave breaking over the cockpit and spray skirt.

¬†¬† When we arrived at “OUR” island we found a fairly nice sand and pebble beach to land on and exit our kayaks. We found a great campsite that was very nice and extremely large. Also provided alot of shelter from the high winds. The only problem that we found was the trash and broken glass left behind by previous boaters/campers!! My guess is “They” were more of a partying type of crowd. Sad, not everyone subscribes to the Leave No Trace ideaology! Anyway, we all got our tents/hammocks up and proceeded to get a fire going and dinner on. Kayak Kev, Peggy, and Tim went for another short paddle until they got rained on by a brief passing shower. By the way Forecast: NO CHANCE OF RAIN ALL WEEKEND! Thats what happens when you go paddling with the bad weather trio: Kevin, Peggy, Sean.

¬† Dinner was great and very filling! Thank You Shelly(Seans’ wife) for making the Homemade Fried Chicken and Hobo Beans.¬†After dinner we watched a pair of Ospreys that kept flying around our camp as if to say “YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.” The rest of the night was spent talking and laughing around the campfire, and eating Jeffs’ Pistachios- those things are like CRACK!! Also Tim & Debbie: Thank You for the Rum & Coke, it hit the spot before bed!

  I awoke the next morning to the rest of the camp already up and moving about. We slowly broke camp and packed our things up. Peggy made eggs and we wrapped them in tortillas with Mexican Cheese blend, Tim provided some awesome Teriyaki Beef Jerky to finish it all off- OH YEAH and COFFEE!!!!! A BIG THANK YOU to Peggy for cooking & dishes.

  We then hopped in our yaks and headed into the wind for the first quarter of the paddle back- the winds had increased to about 17 mph. steady with 20 mph. gusts. When we got close enough to shore we then turned north and headed for the marina and our cars using the treeline and shore as a natural wind break. Also a pretty uneventful paddle back, with the exception of a few waves breaking over the bows of the kayaks. To all who went: Kevin, Peggy, Tim, Debbie & Jeff-  THANK YOU MY FRIENDS for a WICKED FUN little getaway this past weekend! We will have to do it again soon.

                                               -Sea Turtle Sean

Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to give a quick blog about an event that happened to me this past weekend. I decided Saturday that I needed to go Get Wet!! So I went for a paddle out at my favorite close to home spot- Veterans Park and Bay Pines Area!! I had absolutely wonderful weather on Sat. with what I like to call San Diego Day- for those of you who have been there you know what I’m talkin ’bout! For those that haven’t- Sunny/light breeze and 76 to 80 degree temps. Just about all year ’round!

Anyway, while I was on my way back in I noticed a SeaDoo, Yes a JET SKIER! Apparently having lost power being pushed across the sandbars by a couple. I turned around to see if I could offer them some help. When I paddled up the couple was very nice and said they had just purchased the water vehicle in question and could not get it to re-start after shutting down!

I asked them if they needed a tow to their boat, they said that was great. But was I sure I could pull a full size SeaDoo- & 2 ADULTS! NO PROBLEM. I said. I then pulled out my trusty Lotus Designs Tow Rope and clipped it to the Jet Ski; then tightened the belt around my waist. WE WERE OFF AND TOWING!!!! We were not going to win any races, (actually we were limping in.) but I was reminded of the story of The Tortoise and the Hare. For the sake of this story we will call it a Sea Turtle!! SLOW & STEADY wins the RACE.

I ended up pulling them 3/4 of the way until a nice young couple came by on another SeaDoo- and finished out the last 200 yards to their boat!! THANK YOU KIND PEOPLE!!!!

When I paddled up to get my tow line, the couple I had just helped wanted to pay me something for helping them out. Even though I really could use some money right now, COULDN’T WE ALL. I explained to them that this was just something I had to DO, There are times in life when JUST BEING NICE NEEDS TO BE DONE! So remember when your out on the water and you see someone who needs help-DO IT!! It just might be YOU the next time who NEEDS THE HELP!!

Glad I could be of SERVICE!!
Sea Turtle Seanmmag00441_0000_1_

Hey there Paddlers,

Just wanted to drop a short Blog in about the fun I had over the weekend paddling solo on Sunday afternoon.¬† Went for a paddle, leaving from War Veterans’ Memorial Park Kayak Launch in Pinellas County, Fl.¬† Went out to look at the bird nesting Islands, then over to what we call Rat Island, recently renamed Archies Island by Parks Dept.¬† There I met a really nice guy anchored in his powerboat, we got to talking as I was eating a GOURMET LUNCH- an MRE-meal ready to eat.¬† His name just happened to be Sean!!!!¬† He has restored my faith in Powerboaters being Good People. Great Guy!!¬† Said he would have a beer for me next time we meet out there which could be soon, as I paddle this area often.¬† I declined on one that day due to recent sickness and a course of antibiotics¬†I was on.

Also ran into some other paddlers and we also got to talking, just paddle stuff but it was nice.  In fact also ran into Stephen Emrick with the Green Armada, who was out paddling with a group of people for the day in the same location.  Stephen is a very nice local guide, and said if I or Jeff ever wanted to come join him , give him a call!!!  WAY COOL.

Well I have to get going but it was really cool to get out for a few hours this weekend to paddle, and the people made it all the more FUN!!  AMAZING how I went solo and found all sorts of friends to hang out with- did I say I went SOLO????

See Ya On The Wata!!  Sean