Gear Review: North Face- Cats’ Meow 20 degree sleeping bag.

What can I say, I obviously must have been a very GOOD boy last year! My older sister Mary told me so!! For Christmas and my Birthday (Dec. 21st)  she bought me a North Face Cats’ Meow 20 degree sleeping bag. This present could not have come at a better time for it was given to me on Thanksgiving weekend, and as some know will have been used on the Suwannee River Expedition!

Well, I am back from the Suwannee River Expedition and have had ample time to pack, sleep in, re-pack many times over, and launder my Cats’ Meow sleeping bag!  So lets get on with the gear review:  One word LIFESAVER!!!!  This sleeping bag made for a very pleasant trip and the trip could not have been done without it!! IT truely is the Cats’ Meow!!!!!!! We had sleeping temperature averages of about 25 to 30 degrees and at least one night of under 20 degrees! I will admit I did get a little chill on the under 20 morning right at the end of the night/daybreak. Had I added my extra sleeping bag liner(not incld.), I probably would have been fine!

Lets start with the specifics that I liked about the Bag:  1. VERY WARM and Comfortable with the soft silky lining.  2. Pocket on the chest fit my cellphone/light/alarm clock perfectly.  3. The drawstring to seal up around your face is easy one hand operation & the material is stiff enough that it doesn’ t feel like it will slide around and choke you out in the middle of the night, if it has ever happened before; you will know what I’ m talking about! 4. The ease of washing when I got back- loaded it into an  industrial front load washer at my Moms house on gentle cycle. Spun it out on delicate and let it air dry. PERFECT!!

I would recommend this sleeping bag if you need a good quality 3- season bag at a reasonable price; around $165- $175. I also liked the fact that the bag comes in Black & Atoll(blue) with black lining so it doesn’ t show soiling. Has a glow in the dark zipper tab and comes in RT. or LFT. hand zip configurations. Comes with a stuff sack AND large laundry/storage bag. The bag is Synthetic filled as opposed to Down filled, my sister chose synthetic because it will still retain up to 80% warmth even when wet. Here is a link to North Face and the Cats’ Meow to read up on specifics!

Things I did not like:………………….Nothing! Great Product for the money!!!! Bottomline:: Mary my Dear Sister……. You did GREAT!!!! I Love You!

-Sea Turtle Sean


  1. The cats meow is a great bag, if it ends up not being warm enough, just use a fleece sheet bag inside this bag, but this bag is pretty warm…you have to go pretty extreme to need more warmth.

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