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Finding your way in the dark Lecture

Posted: March 24, 2014 by Jeff Fabiszewski in blog, Lecture Series

Last Thursday night I was unable to navigate my way through the dark to teach with Sean at Osprey Bay Outdoors for our annual third Thursday of the month kayak camping lecture.   During the lecture Sean spoke on the topics of night time navigating.

Sean Osprey Bay Lecture March 2014

As luck would have it, I joined Sean Saturday night for the campout.  We paddled from Madeira bridge to Travestine Island.   During the low tide we encountered a sea anemone. Sean enjoyed his solo stove and I relaxed with a beer in hand. In the morning we enjoyed our espresso, broke camp, and paddled back to the mainland.

sea anemone

sea anemone

eno twilights

tarp at night with the ENO twilights camp lights

Sean and fire

Solo Stove



– Jeff

Fire warmth plus a whole lot more Lecture

Posted: February 25, 2014 by Jeff Fabiszewski in blog, Lecture Series

Fire Lecture

Last Thursday Sean and I took on Fire “warmth plus a whole lot more‚ÄĚ.¬† During the night discussion at Osprey Bay Outdoors we deviled into the beauty, mystery, necessity, and ease behind this primal skill. Our guests were amazed by the simple solutions and useful materials and techniques.¬†¬† The hype behind making fire went up in smoke.¬† And the guests discovered things they never thought of.¬† – Jeff

fire materialsFire cat can


We cannot control the weather; however we can prepare  for exposure to prolong our fun outside.  Some small inexpensive items help prevent exposure from moving beyond slight discomfort into a wilderness survival issue.  At the last Thursday night lecture (at Osprey Bay Outdoors), and following Saturday overnight campout we showcased some of our favorite quick relief recipes to stave off exposure.I'm Exposed Heat gain and Loss Lecture Campout

We demonstrated the strengths and limitations of gear.  Discussed several solutions to fix problems.  Then we focused on how to prevent exposure.  In our philosophy it is good to know how to respond to a wilderness medical emergency like: Dehydration, Heat Illnesses, Heat Stress, Hypothermia, Sea Ulcers, Sun Poisoning, Sunburn, and our favorite Immersion Injuries.  However, avoiding a situation that will possibly cause a problem is always better.

At all of our campouts we reflect on past topics.  Sean and I make copious amounts of food.  And stay well hydrated around the campfire.

campsite Mountain Hardwearreflector tarpkayak camping food


There is one thing we control outside.  We cannot control the weather, nor guarantee our friends will have fun outside. The food is where we have ultimate dominion.  At the last Thursday night lecture, and following Saturday overnight camp out we showcased some of our favorite taste bud recipes.

We demonstrated the strengths and limitations of cooking over wood, liquid fuel, and isobutane.¬† Each heat source has its unique abilities and ideal cooking situations.¬† The foods that we sampled were fresh local fish – fish tacos, egg omelet salsa wraps,¬† baked apples and banana foster, spicy chicken with rice and baked corn bread, and s’mores.¬† The dehydrated foods were spicy noodles, ice-cream, and key lime pie.¬† With all of this eating we needed to stay well hydrated.¬† And we did by making espresso, tea, a hot toddy, and some hot coco.

snowpeak stove



egg omelet salsa wraps

archies island cooked

GigaPower lantern

spicy chicken

spicy chicken, rice, baked corn bread


local fresh fish


cooking with fire

baked apples

baked apples MSR Dragonfly



A happy kayaker paddles on a full stomach – Jeff

*   *   *

Next Thursday December 19 at 6:30pm we are taking on the issue of clothing.  Because no one kayaks naked.  And remember our camp out is Saturday December 21 into Sunday