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There are many ways to enjoy a day on the water.  And over the past few years Sean and I have seen the evolution of materials and function of Stand Up Paddle-boards.  Stand up paddle boards are lightweight and simple to operate. Just jump on and go.  Fitness, day paddling, fishing, racing, surfing, or just playing around, SUPs are another great way to get on the water.  Most recently,  in 2008 the United States Coast Guard classified Stand Up Paddling boards as vessels like canoes and kayaks; as a result SUP riders are obliged to carry a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket and whistle for all waters except the surf zone during daylight hours.  This designation took SUP from being thought of as a fad and legitimatized it as significant part of the water-sport culture.

Tiffani Amo took this photo of Sean prepairing to surf at Redington Beach
Tiffani Amo took this photo of Sean preparing to surf at Redington Beach

I am bragging a little when I say that Sean is one of the best people to teach a Stand Up Paddle board class.  He is a retired professional surfer who is a  4 time East Coast Surfing Champion, 4 time consecutive U.S.S.F. National Surfing Champion, and received the Buddy Pelletier Surfer of the Year Award in 04/05.  His ability to read the water makes learning how to move the board effortlessly and will help the student to develop the foundations needed for easy, skillful paddling in most conditions.  And when it comes to explaining how to stand, paddle, and how not to fall off the sup be ready to laugh and be amazed by this one legged marvel.  Sean even has a few tricks to lifting, launching and landing the SUP, that I need to put to video, it is something to see.

Sean Fitzgibbon sup
Sean and Son “Daddy may I paddle with my shovel?”
  • When you fill the Rx of the SUP, you will reap the following benefits
    • reduction in anxiety and stress
    • improved balance and strength
    • not stuck inside a gym
  • Hidden benefits from a SUP water sport lifestyle
    • those who fish will see and catch more
      • boards are lighter than many fishing kayaks
      • offers a no excuse to get out on the water
    • those who do Yoga and Tai Chi will:
      • quickly improve balance
      • find the calmness washing over them
      • clarity of mind
      • focus


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Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Classes

What is paddleboard yoga? It is, as the name suggests, a marriage of yoga and standup paddle boarding (SUP). Yoga is great for the body and studies have shown the health benefits of yoga to reduce high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cholesterol, anxiety, asthma, back pain, arthritis, and even a positive effect on learning and memory functions.

standup paddle board yoga Jeff Fabiszewski

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A leash, which connects you to your SUP, it is highly recommended so you don’t lose your board when you fall off. Leashes come in different styles, lengths, and with different attachment points to the paddler. What leash is right for you? Click here for more information.