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Greenland Qajaq Classes are specialty classes that teaches people a relaxed style of paddling.  I am offering classes by appointment on Sunday in Tampa Bay  Florida.

COVID-19 UPDATE: presently we are unavailable for classes.  If you would like to talk over the phone, or schedule a video conference,  contact me or Sean at

If you are new to kayaking or if you have paddled longer than you have been alive, you have probably have heard of Greenland Kayaking.  The term can refer to kayak design, paddle style, and or rolling recovery.

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I offer five Greenland kayak classes in Florida on using a Greenland style paddle. I have also written a few blogs on this topic. Below the Greenland rolling videos are descriptions of the classes I teach.

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Below are some Greenland Qajaq Recovery videos.  People who take the “Greenland Kayak Class – Self Recovery Techniques” learn and refine these below mentioned skills and more.

Traditional Greenland Kayak Self Recovery Course Information.
Novice through expert paddlers will learn about different traditional recoveries in a variety of conditions and their historical purposes in kayaking.  Participants will develop balance and confidence in techniques that can reduce fatigue and will help to enable the paddler to relax into a prolonged state of therapeutic meditation while exploring the unique world between being upright and capsized.  Jeff teaches more than eight unique recovery skills.  Learn either the Standard Greenland Qajaq Roll, Reverse Sweep Roll, Storm Roll, Armpit Roll aka Shotgun Roll, a Throwing Stick Roll aka Norsaq Roll, Hand Roll, Crook of Elbow Roll, and how to swim with your kayak and roll if your paddle should getaway from you.

Rolling $50 one hour of instruction.  A roll is the fastest type of self rescue when playing on a whitewater river or in the surf when your brace fails.  Most types of rolls require little upper body strength; paddlers will develop a safe capsize recovery by using their hips to roll.  If you paddle mostly in flowing seas we will focus more on bracing to decrease the need of rolling. ($35 for repeat sessions)

Armpit roll

The purpose of the Arm Pit Roll is to recover from an unplanned capsize with something held in the hand, or with one hand injured or entangled with line. In Greenland the roll is called Paatip kallua tuermillugu illuinnarmik. For the setup the paddle tip is pressed against your chest near your armpit (but not under your armpit). The paddle is swept palm-up with one arm. The lift and buoyancy from the extended paddle powers this roll, no hip snap is necessary. Keep the paddle in your “armpit” until you sit-upright. You do not need to return to the initial setup position.

Pakassummilluguunermillugu – crook of the elbow

Rolling with paddle held in crook of elbow This is a practical roll if you capsized after throwing a harpoon. The proper name of this roll is Pakassummillugu/unermillugu. The inboard hand grasps the paddle blade as per a standard roll as the outboard hand holds the paddle clamped in the elbow. After rolling the kayaker returns to initial setup position with the paddle still held in the crook of their arm.

Nerfallarlugu assakaaneq – greenland kayak roll

This is a quick succession of standard rolls. In Greenland this roll is called Nerfallarlugu assakaaneq. A person performs as many standard rolls as possible in 10 seconds.

throwing stick – greenland kayak roll

This is a roll preformed with a small piece of wood known as a throwing stick. The Greenlanders call it Norsamik nerfallaallugu — The kayaker starts tucked forward and finishes leaning aft with a norsaq in their hand.

reverse sweep roll

The Inuit call this roll Kingumut naatillugu. It simply means that the kayaker sweeps the paddle from stern to bow in a low brace, and finishes in a tucked forward position. You do not need to return to the original setup position upon recovery. History/Purpose: This is a very popular roll in Greenland. This technique admits very little water into the cockpit even with a skirt open at the top.

side scull

The Inuit call this roll Innaqatsineq. It simply means that the kayaker lays on their back in the high brace position with palms facing skyward. During a qajaq competition judges look for the participant to keep their kayak deck at a right angle to the water. When not in competition the kayaker arches their back as much as possible to keep the kayak flat and deck parallel to the water. History/Purpose: Side sculling is a resting pose that aids in capsize prevention and roll training.

Paddling upside down

Paddling Upside Down The Inuit call this roll Pusilluni paarneq. The name of this maneuver literally describes what the person does in their qajaq. The person travels forward in a straight line while capsized in a tucked position. History/Purpose: This maneuver builds boat control, breath, and flexibility.

I am traveling almost 17 feet upside-down in this video.

  • Basic / Intro Paddling Strokes, $75 three hour class, Thinking about trying Greenland traditional style kayaking, but not sure you want to commit to the ACA Intro to Traditional Qajaq Skills full-day class?  Then, this is the perfect course for you.  Learn the basics – safety, lingo and how to maneuver a kayak – in three fun-filled hours.   In this comprehensive course students also learn how to lessen the chances of capsizing a kayak from a breaking wave or boat wake.  Paddlers will work to develop low and high brace recovery strokes; as well as, learn that sculling is just about playing with degrees of wetness.  Be sure to follow this one up with a self-recovery class and you will be off to a great start.
  • Rolling “Self Recovery Techniques in the event of a capsize”, $50 private instruction, Explore the unique world between being upright and capsized.  And students will discover a relaxed, safe, and reliable rolling techniques for the calm to the small craft advisory days. ($35 for repeat sessions)
  • ACA Intro to Traditional Qajaq Skills kayak class, $85 eight hours of instruction $95 for non American Canoe Association members.  Here you will learn why the Greenlanders are the masters of the roll.  Part of the class will be an exhibition of many effortless rolls.  We will practice paddling, sculling, balance braces, and rolls.  You will work on learning to roll or for those having a solid roll, you may learn a new one.  Having a Greenland style kayak with a low back and Greenland paddle really helps with this clinic.
  • Toothpicks for Everyone, Land based lecture class,  Thinking about why your fellow paddlers are using 8,000-year-old technology to paddle their kayaks.  Or, you want to know how a Greenland style paddle can be good for your body.  Request this Lecture class for your group of friends and learn another way of going green.


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