In several posts I have mentioned pain.  And occasionally a friend asks me some questions about what is/was the cause, why, and  how.  This has got me thinking that  I should add this tab to help friends find information that may help them enjoy a pain free day on the water.  I hope you find some of this information helpful. – Jeff

NOTE: I offer this information here as a service.  I am not a medical doctor.  You should investigate, speak with your doctor, and determine on your own if this information best fits you medical problem.

There are two common locations that friends have asked about pain.  Sometimes paddlers experience pain in their back and other times they experience it in their wrist or elbow.  Choose the below links to read on.

And remember “A regime of endurance, flexibility, and muscle strength training will help to prevent injuries and promote safety and enjoyment of wilderness activity”.  Tod Schimelpfenig, NOLS Wilderness Medicine (National Outdoor Leadership School and Stackpole Books, 2008), 93.