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Hi Fellow Paddlers,

Telephone-1-juneAs promised this is #1 in our Expedition Planning series! The title of the post I believe should say it all. This statement is somewhat of an oxymoron if you ask me, kinda like Military Intelligence or a waterless carwash-HUH? It all started when my cellphone rang about the middle-ish of August, give or take a few days in either direction. Jeff was on the other end (what a surprise) when I answered it.

He said “Hey, what you up to? (standard BRO-mance greeting).  I said “not a whole lot” and “You?” Before I could say anything else, Jeff starts rambling on about water and something about the proper alignment of the Paddling Universe— then he just BUSTS OUT with “We should go paddle the Suwannee River a day or two after Christmas!” I was kinda shocked and did not know if he was serious or just baiting me!

“Hello, Sean?” Jeff said.
“I’ m here, are you serious?” I said.
“AH, Yeah, we should take 5 days and just disappear to work on skills and enjoy a trip down the Majestic Suwannee River!”
“OK, lets plan and do it!” I said.
First we need to get permission from the Bosses at home as well as the bosses at work!!!! DONE!!

When one thinks of the word EXPEDITION and what that word means; it conjures up thoughts of weeks, even months surviving out in the wilderness living, eating, sleeping, and who knows what else; just to stay alive. All in the name of either science, research, ego, or any of 1000 other great excuses! Well an expedition does not have to be weeks or months, it can be 2 days or 2 years. An expedition simply means that a person or group of persons are setting out on a trip to accomplish a common goal- whatever that may be!

Explorer_in_bushesThe expedition could be to collect specimens for science, or to showcase a beautiful natural location.  Or “Just because its there”- sorry Burt Reynolds (Deliverance) or for spiritual reasons- “Spirit Treks” (Native American Indians).

Whatever the reason one chooses to go on an expedition, it is the journey not only that you actually take, but also the planning and getting there that also makes it what it is. The EXPEDITION is the CROWN JEWEL that you get to keep after all the planning and preparation are over. When the EXPEDITION is over, you get a lifetime of memories and accomplishments that no one can take away from you!

Bottom line: Out of a quick thought, that takes only seconds to materialize. Comes months of planning and preparation, followed by more time Paddling and enjoying oneself- then a lifetime of bittersweet memories!

Planning like Crazy!
-Sea Turtle Sean

Next Post in the series in 8 days! Expedition Planning : The Route!


1800 Weedon Dr. NE Saint Petersburg, FL 33702 (727) 453-6500

Guided Canoe Trip
Friday, June 12, 2009   9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Education Services Staff and Volunteers, Environmental Lands Division
Take this opportunity to explore a portion of the south canoe trail at Weedon Island Preserve. This trail offers a rare look at some of the aquatic ecosystems that make west-central Florida so special. Trained canoe guides lead you through mangrove stands and over sea-grass and oyster beds, while pointing out various flora and fauna that live here. If you have never explored the Preserve from the water, this is an exciting opportunity you don’t want to miss!  The cost for this unique experience is $14.02 per person plus tax ($15 total) or $28.04 per canoe plus tax ($30 total) (maximum of 3 people per canoe). Spaces fill quickly, and pre-registration is required.  Minimum age: Children must be 6 years old or older and all minors must be accompanied by an adult.

* * *

Arctic Kayak Adventures
Friday, June 19, 2009   7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Russell Farrow, Sweetwater Kayaks, St. Petersburg, FL

Join Russell Farrow of Sweetwater Kayaks in this presentation of his incredible kayak adventure exploring the Arctic. Extraordinary videos of scenic ice wonders help tell this daring experience by seasoned kayakers. Enjoy a bowl of ice cream to set the mood for a chilling outdoor adventure. This event is free and open to the public. Pre-registration is required.  Recommended for all ages.

Ocklawaha RiverOn Saturday, May 16, 2009, the Marion County Aquaholics Paddlers Group will sponsor their 10th Annual Paddlers PokerRun.  The eight-mile paddle starts at Gore’s Landing and runs down the Ocklawaha River.  The proceeds benefit the Ocala Outdoor Adventure Club.  The club is a non-profit group that teaches outdoor skills to children and youth.

Our plans are to camp at the Silver River State Park Friday night.  It is a nice park.  And camping there is a good way to be relaxed and focused for the Poker Run.

There is early registration of $10 per kayak.  If you register on the day of the event, the charge is $15.  There is also a separate free game with prizes for children under eleven.

Team River Runner is paddling the Alafia River, Saturday April 25, at 10am.  The put in is not at the Alafia River State Park.  The state park does not have access to the river.  We are using the boat launch at Lithia Springs Park.


Directions from James A. Haley Veterans Hospital to Alafia River; Lithia Springs Park; 3932 Lithia Springs Rd; Lithia, FL 33547-1723