Stuck Inside

This page could be about dehydration; however, it is not about the life-threatening emergency of your body not having as much water and fluids as it should.  Nor is it about other heat related emergencies.  This is a page on when there is no water to paddle on.  Sometimes, the water is frozen, too distant, too low, or a combination of bad conditions.  Other-times,  you are just stuck inside; consequently, we have compiled several solutions that have kept us grounded and happy.


The Terror by Dan SimmonsAs you know Sean lives for today and I love history.  Consequently, both of us are voracious readers who do not have time to read something tediously boring.  A glimpse of our bookshelves reviles legends of historical water crossings, fictional nautical tales, nature guides, how to books, cook books, magazines, and tide charts of local and far off lands.  There are also many download-able apps, blogs, and other electronic solutions.  Granted, we have placed more emphasis on the old school because most people are already familiar with electronic solutions to boredom.  Choose this link to read more.

lithiumspringsThe following links take you to our discoveries of popular and independent films.  These movies have help us enjoy the water even when there is no water to play in.  Some of the movies are all about fun, some make you think, and others are best seen during the day…granted they are the perfect answer to a spooky stormy night.  Enjoy our collection.  We add to these lists semi monthly.

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