Jeff Fabiszewski

canoeing on the Suwannee River

Jeffrey Fabiszewski is the founding partner of Liquid Rhythm Kayaking.  His goal is to teach water safety courses, ranging in level from beginner to advanced river, inter coastal, to open water as well as rescue workshops for non profit organizations, paddling festivals and kayak symposiums.

Jeffrey’s passion for playing outside began in the 1970’s and evolved when he moved to Clearwater, FL.  As a youth he canoed with his Dad and cooked outside in the backyard; the father and son duo backpacked through  mountainous hiking trails as Boy Scouts in Pittsburgh, Pa.  and slept under the milky way more nights than there are hairs on their heads.

In 1994 Jeff moved to Florida and discovered that many of the nature trails that led to unique local destinations were under water.  In 2001 he transitioned from canoe to kayak and doing so unlocked more meandering trails up creeks, streams, rivers, and waterways out to tranquil islands within Florida.

The unique outdoor abilities that he learned as an Eagle Scout, and how to inspire kids in the outdoors, combined with wit and a creative mind makes learning effortless.   Jeff’s unique knowledge and passion has opened doors for him to aid in getting recovering wounded veterans out on the water. Beyond coaching, you can find some of Jeff’s writings on kayaking and camping in four different outdoor magazines.


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  1. Jeff, this website of yours is very cool. Say hi to everyone for me and give your baby a kiss! MJ

  2. Replied to another post earlier and now I see you’re from Pittsburgh. I’m guessing you’re a fellow Steelers fan? Or have you become a Bucs fan?

  3. I will always be a Steelers fan, for the memories of being with my Dad while watching them play. But now I live in Tampa Bay and I do enjoy watching the Bucs play with my son on my lap. As long as they do not play against each other I can be a fan of both.

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