An expedition is a journey or excursion undertaken for a specific purpose.  There is no distance or time restriction to an expedition.  So, one could argue that a day-paddle or day-hike could be an expedition if it was undertaken for a specific purpose.  Presently Sean and I are working on the logistics of a thirty day expedition in 2015.  We are keeping the details secret due to the uniqueness of this adventure.  The timelessness and forward thinking aspects of the kayak expedition will broaden the imagination of future generations of young adventurers, explorers, and scientists. — Jeff


The last two weeks in September of 2011 Sean and I experienced 190 miles of The Calusa Blue Ways Trail.  The trip truly highlighted why we live in Florida. We started at the Caloosahatchee Regional Park near Alva. It was convenient to make camp there in the afternoon to have a fresh start for our first day of paddling on the 19th.  There are several tributaries along Caloosahatchee so we explored most of them.  Then moving from the mouth of the river for the route north to Matlacha- and stayed there 1 night at the Sun & Moon Inn.  After some fun in Matlacha we paddled north towards Charlotte Harbor Park. From there we took a southwest heading over to Bokeelia/ Back Bay/ Jugg Creek area.  Leaving there we plotted a heading over to Cayo Costa for two nights.  Paddling through Pine Island Sound and towards J.N. Ding Darling Preserve.  From there it was an adventure to San Carlos Bay and over towards Estero Bay Preserve State Park. We went up the Estero River to Koreshan for two nights.  Of course we maked time for pictures & exploring on Mound Key! We then headed towards the mouth of the Imperial River & finished our trip at the Imperial River boat ramp.  This is just a rough description of the paddling trail.  Durring the expedition we went with the flow to  keep us from feeling so rushed.  It is never a race through mileage for being outside we want to soak up every opportunity and not miss anything thing.

Archive link for the ‘Calusa Blueway Expedition’

Things we would like to see while on the trail: Hickey Creek
  • Cayo Costa
  • J.N. Ding Darling Preserve & Tarpon Bay
  • Estero Bay Preserve
  • Jugg Creek Area
  • Captiva & Sanibel
  • Cabbage Key
  • Telegraph Creek


We paddled 100 miles of the Suwannee River in north Florida durring New Years to enjoy the sprit of the river’s history.  It is a river that was home to several native american tribes. That evolved into a transportation highway for the Madison steamboat ferring people to the health resort at White Springs. And the Suwannee became the subject of a song that many people can hum the tune.

  • Day One –  Woods Ferry Rivercamp
  • Day Two –  Holton Creek Rivercamp
  • Day Three –  Dowling Park Rivercamp
  • Day Four –  Peacock Slough Rivercamp
  • Day Five – Adams Tract Rivercamp

Link for ‘Suwannee River’


90 miles in the Fla. Keys between 2 trips

Archive for the ‘FL Keys Expedition’


In the spring of 2007 Tod Saley left the cool waters of Michigan to circumnavigate 100 miles around Pinellas County with Jeff and Sean to raise funds for the 2007 Extremity Games by College Park.

“‘Topa Honu–Kayak for a Cause’ was a great success,” said marketing manager for College Park and the Extremity Games. Four-time national surfing champion Sean Fitzgibbon and teammates Jeff Fabiszewski and Todd Salley kayaked the distance in four days, May 3-6, averaging 25 miles per day. “Along the way, they encountered dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks,” said Geno.

Fitzgibbon along with hundreds of other athletes with disabilities will be competing in the Extremity Games July 18-21 in Orlando, Florida. Events include BMX/mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, and Moto-X. Cash prizes will be awarded.


  1. Hi Sean, Aunt Pat here. So very proud of you and Jeff. What a wonderful thing you 2 are doing..YOu are so close to us in port charlotte, If you can call me and give me your trip plan maybe we could catch up with you one eve for dinner. love aunt pat,

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