Often we are asked “why take a kayak class” when retailers, people, and electronic media proclaim that it is easy to kayak.  It is easy to kayak when a person uses efficient technique.  Our goal is to share our love and knowledge of kayaking and the outdoors with others.  And one of the best ways to achieve that goal is to help others learn how to kayak safely and without pain.

Jeff and SeanLiquid Rhythm Kayaks focuses on you.  We prefer to teach private classes.  Information can be lost in large groups and often there are questions left unanswered.  Our team experienced and certified Florida team have paddled some of the most unique waterways. We are certified by the American Canoe Association (ACA) and, or the British Canoe Union (BCU) and the school of hard knocks.  Paddling is our dream, passion, and means of relaxation.

Private Kayak Classes: These are classes that we have created to work specifically for a paddler who only want to work on a specific thing.

  • Confidence on the Water $50
    • Class is about 3 hours in duration
    • This unique kayak builds on paddlers knowledge of their known paddling techniques
    • The goal is to increase fun and a paddlers time on the water while decreasing shoulder and back problems
    • Learn tricks on how to enjoy paddling from lakes, rivers, protected flat water environments, and slightly windy ocean environments
  • Foundation Skills Kayak Class $75
    • Every Sunday at 10am
    • Class is approximately 3 hours in duration.
    • Develop the foundations needed for easy, skillful kayaking in most conditions.
    • Learn efficient forward paddling, turning, reverse paddling and stopping.
    • Stability and preventing capsize
    • Rescue, assisted, and self-rescue
    • Lifting, launching, and landing your kayak
  • Directional Control $75
    • Class is approximately 3 hours in duration.
    • learn how movement is effected by the placement of the paddle, degree of edging, and blade angle
  • Rolling $50 one hour of instruction
    • Sunday by appointment
    • The Private class is about 1 hour in duration
    • The roll requires little upper body strength
    • Paddlers will develop a safe capsize recovery by using their hips to roll
    • If you paddle mostly in flowing seas we will focus more on bracing to decrease the need of rolling
    • ($35 for repeat sessions)
  • Greenland Kayak Classes
    • Greenland Qajaq Classes are a specialty classes that teach people a relaxed style of paddling.  Five different types of classes on the third and fourth Saturday of every month.
    • Basic / Intro Paddling Strokes, $75
    • Rolling “Self Recovery Techniques in the event of a capsize”, $50
    • ACA Intro to Traditional Qajaq Skills kayak class, $85
    • Greenland Kayak weekend package

*   *   *

Presently in the evening and weekends we get the opportunity to share our love and knowledge of kayaking and the outdoors with others. Like many of our guests, we have have day jobs.  Sean works as an Orthotics and Prosthetics registered fitter at St. Petersburg Limb and Brace; where as, I work as an administrative assistant at Saint Petersburg College.  Due to this working arrangement we come with fresh eyes and understanding that our students want to get outside for a few hours to escape the day to day grind.

You may find Sean visiting Kim and Tom at Osprey Bay Outdoors on a weekend.  He loves to talk about a variety of unique and timely skills.  Sean helps others find the perfect gear to extend their fun on the water and he is in high demand as a premier Stand up Paddling and kayaking instructor.  Even though, Sean may never get back into a kayak or stand on a SUP due to injury he has a wealth of knowledge.

You can come by Bill Jackson’s on Saturdays and Sundays to explore gear with me and test paddle kayaks and sups on Freedom Lake.  It is easy to get lost within Bill Jackson’s; there is so much to see, touch, and learn about.

On the weekends we are available for private and group youth lectures.  Sean and I get together to take our kayaking friends out to one of the local islands off of Dunedin or Maderia for an informative camp out.  During the camp out we discuss the past lecture topic and put into practice some skills.

COVID-19 UPDATE: presently we are unavailable for classes.  If you would like to talk over the phone, or schedule a video conference,  contact me or Sean at jeffreystillwater@gmail.com

– Jeffrey

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