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Aloha from the Gulfcoast of Florida, Pinellas County to be exact. A few weekends ago we had some windy conditions here gulfside. Why you may ask? Well, what alot of people do not know is when there is a hurricane off the Atlantic Coast of Florida and it gets spinning really good- not only does it affect the wind and water over on the other side of the state where the hurricane is but……. IT ALSO AFFECTS THE GULF WITH WINDS! As the hurricane spins Atlantic side it will suck air into it Gulfside. What happens when we get stiff west winds gulfside? We get WAVES!!!! YES- the Gulf of Mexico actually gets some good waves from time to time.

I spent the better part of 2 days surfing my long board and my fun shape (older mans short board) in some fun waist to occasionally chest high surf!! I got to play in my favorite playground and with the exception of being a little slower with age, it was just like being a kid again. The perma-smile that was plastered across my face after every ride was absolutely priceless. This is also still very important for me because it still proves that life is not over and the R-I-D-E NEVER ENDS, an ETERNAL DANCE with Mother Ocean & King Neptune!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that sometimes we forget as we age the fun and enjoyable things in life that we did when we were younger do not have to end. We just have to rediscover them! Just like the waves that suddenly appeared on a coast that is not always known for its huge swells and surf, sometimes all we have to do is remember our forgotten coast!!

And YES the surf knots and belly rash, along with numerous sealice and jellyfish stings were well worth the chance to be young again and remember when surfing warm Gulf of Mexico tropical storm waves…. was all life was about.

– Sean

Tiffani Amo took this photo of Sean prepairing to surf at Redington Beach

To Surf Or Not To Surf……..

Posted: November 20, 2009 by Sean Fitzgibbon in Surfing

That Is The Question. We might have swells in the Gulf this weekend (11/21& 11/22) & we might not. All depends on the small low pressure system out there, if its up on Sunday- I’ ll be on it!! Funny how living on the Gulfcoast the weather really does answer the question more than most places.

Praying for Surf, Sea Turtle Sean

Surfs UP^!

Posted: November 10, 2009 by Sean Fitzgibbon in Surfing

Hi Fellow Water Lovers,
Yesterday I got to surf some really fun and powerful waves. Hurricane Ida brought with it some wonderful semi-tropical swells! The water is getting a little chilly(73 degrees), so I wore a full wetsuit and was glad I did with the 30 to 40 mph. east offshore winds. Anyway just thought I would drop this in. Waves were chest to shoulder high with occasional head high set waves(the biggest single wave to come in every now and then). Hope you all are getting some water time, too. What ever you use as your vehicle on the water: Get on it, in it, under it!!!
-Sea Turtle Sean

Surfs Up!!!!

Posted: April 3, 2009 by Sean Fitzgibbon in Surfing

WOW, Thats all I can say about last weekend when the Front came through and blew like crazy!! Well as many know I’m not just a Kayaker but also a Surfer, so when the weather is to bad to paddle my Yak- I’ll be out on my boards catch’in some rides! Last weekend we had 5-7 foot waves on Sat. and 3-4 foot waves on Sun.- Pretty Darn Good for a coast they say never gets waves!!! I surfed Fri. nite with my 13 yr. old son Torin, out at a break called the Tides- He was so stoked that he actually got to STAND and ride 2 good waves on my Robert August Long Board!! YOU GO BOY! Did I mention he’s MY Boy!?!?Yeah I’m just a little PROUD!!!!

Saturday the waves were very powerful and Chunky at REDINGTON-somewhere!!

Got some really Great Rides and even a few small cover ups- tubes!! Waves were so strong I actually snapped a leash on my Matt Kechele –  Pug Performer Short Board –  tore the Dacron webbing strap at area it connects to the board right apart. This happened in a decent cover up close-out wave that I had to kick the board out and bail through the wave itself- translation:: all the power of the wave came down on the board and pulled leash taught as I went out the backside!!!! SNAP!!!! Very rare event except during BIG!! Hurricane Waves.surfboard-strap

Sunday was a Great day too. Surfed in the morning and early afternoon. Waves were not as big as Sat. but were still quite powerful and had cleaned up- not as choppy. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day when you don’t want to paddle in the bad weather!!

Well, its Friday April 3rd and we had waves start building on Thursday with another approaching Front, so as I am writing this there are waves once again in the Gulf, I GUESS YOU KNOW WHERE I’LL BE AFTER WORK TONITE AND ON SATURDAY MORNING!!!! Shortly after my morning surf session I’m headed to Gandy for the CLC WOOD KAYAK DEMO presented by Sweetwater Kayaks! I’ll be attending with KayakKev &  Jeff.   Hope to see you there.

& Remember if your too busy this weekend to go get WET,