🏫 Finding your way in the dark Lecture

Last Thursday night I was unable to navigate my way through the dark to teach with Sean at Osprey Bay Outdoors for our annual third Thursday of the month kayak camping lecture.   During the lecture Sean spoke on the topics of night time navigating.

Sean Osprey Bay Lecture March 2014

As luck would have it, I joined Sean Saturday night for the campout.  We paddled from Madeira bridge to Travestine Island.   During the low tide we encountered a sea anemone. Sean enjoyed his solo stove and I relaxed with a beer in hand. In the morning we enjoyed our espresso, broke camp, and paddled back to the mainland.

sea anemone
sea anemone
eno twilights
tarp at night with the ENO twilights camp lights
Sean and fire
Solo Stove

– Jeff

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