🏫 Camping from your kayak – Lecture

Osprey Bay Outdoors lecture Jeff Fabiszewski Sean Fitzgibbon

Sean and I had our first of several Thursday night Lectures at Osprey Bay Outdoors.  Our guest had never camped and they enjoyed listening to how easy it is to camp from their kayak.  We introduce the basic gear and skills needed for a comfortable stay in the outdoors.  In essence we focused on the basics in order to allow everyone received a better understanding of  “leave no trace” camping on our local mangrove barrier islands.  A person only needs shelter, water, food.  We skipped clothing in this hour lecture because most people do not kayak naked.

Next Thursday November 21 at 6:30pm we are talking, cooking, and tasting the advantages between freeze dried and fresh foods.

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  1. Thank goodness most people don’t kayak naked!!!! However a brief intro to “proper” clothing for our area might be worth the time.

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