Maine tastic problem at home

lostA support system is what makes every adventure possible.  It is the support of family, friends, locals, training, and commonsense that make expeditions possible.  A lot of my friends who have written about their adventures for magazines are always beholden to the desires of the editor.  And the thing lacking is what sometimes happens at home.

I was in Maine for four weeks.  During that time while I was paddling with the Boy Scouts my wife had emergency surgery to remove her gallbladder.  She was perfectly healthy when I left for my trip.

Thankfully, I have an excellent family and friends to assist her and my son while she recovered.  And I have excellent medical insurance from working at a college.

gcsu logoWhen I returned from Maine the plan was to relocate my family to Georgia.  The plan in August was to start the M.Ed. in Kinesiology: Outdoor Education Administration degree at Georgia College.  I had secured a Graduate Assistantship position, and Stacy was to start work at the college.  We put those plans on hold just in case she began to have other health issues.

Postponing grad school has turned out to be a good move.  Since the removal of her gallbladder Stacy has been in the hospital two additional times.  She is mending; unfortunately, she will now be unable to have more children.  This is a blow to both of us, for we wanted more kids.

Not only did my wife spend time in the hospital, my mother, father, and Stacy’s grandfather have all had emergency life saving surgeries.  I choose outdoor adventures to breath life into the mundane drudgery of work.  And sometimes adventure is needed to breathe value into the importance of family.

In a month you will be treated to another adventure of mine…

ohiopyle rapids

December 31 of 2012 I went white water kayaking on the Ohiopyle Ferncliff Penisula section “The Loop” of the Youghiogheny River…wow…

– Jeff

PS.  As I have alluded, Sean has also had some medical and family drama.  In a month Sean will share what has happened to him and his family.


The rest of the Maine tastic story:

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