oops, where is my paddle?

I had a great time helping out Venture Outdoors and Kayak Pittsburgh to safely get an estimated 1,700 to 1,800 boats out on the water to take part in a record attempt to create the largest floating raft of boats off Point State Park!.

Pittsburgh's Duquesne Incline from the middle of the Paddle at the Point

Unfortunately, I left my paddle in the Kayak.  Now I have done a lot of paddling.  I have taught, led trips, and assisted in safety positions on the water.  So how is it that I left my 215cm crank shaft carbon 4 piece Lendal Paddle in the cockpit of the kayak I was borrowing?

Well, after I got off the water I got to talking with some participants from Texas.  (I had met people from Arkansas, Ohio, and even Georgia in the flotilla of kayaks).  Then I got my certificate.  And meandered between the people to find my son.  All the while I was texting with an old Boy Scout friend (Darren Schilberg) from Heritage Reservation who I have not seen in 20 years.

After finding everyone, I quickly loaded my kit in the car.  And we went to Eat ‘n ParkWhen Darren and I were working at Heritage Reservation, Eat ‘n Park was one of the few places we could grab a bite at in Uniontown.  I met his wife of 13 years and they met my son and aunt.

At this time I still did not know that my paddle was missing.

Next day, I unloaded my kit from the car.  It needed to dry out before I repacked it for the plane ride back to Tampa.  That is when I realized I was without a paddle!  I sent an email to Leah Kauffman, who put the word out to all of the volunteers.  Rob Walters the Membership Director of Venture Outdoors Inc. had it!

Rob even went out of his way to bring it to me Monday morning.  This is why kayakers rock.  People who love the water are always looking out for each other.  Thanks again Rob and everyone associated with Venture Outdoors and Kayak Pittsburgh.  If you have never visited Pittsburgh contact these people and they will show you a safe and enjoyable time.  Cheers – Jeff

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