go fly a kite

This past weekend Sean and I paddled a part of our inter coastal water way.  In the future the oil from the Gulf probably will kill everything around us.  But until then we wanted to enjoy the simple pleasures that kayaking has to offer.  The change of scenery from our asphalt cement synthetic light jungle to the earthy wild moon lit lands are always refreshing to visit by kayak.  And this time I added something new to our adventure on one of the spoil islands.

I added a kite to my kayaking kit.  I cannot tell you the last time I played with a kite.  Watching it magically dance above the trees.  Wondering if that thin line would keep it tethered to earth.  Were those trees trying to grab the kite and shred its freedom?  There might me a metaphor between those lines.

The kite did fall into the trees a few times.  The line even snapped once.  But both instances the kite was able to fly again.  I could have flown it all day long.

The tide started going out so we looked into the tidal pools to see what was around…

After investigating our little island we ate and relaxed by our little camp fire.  We did have a little rain Saturday night.  Well actually it was a lot of rain.  It was a white out.  It rained hard for ten minutes and then nothing.  It worked like natural air conditioning.  A great way to fall asleep in hammocks.

The following morning we rolled out of our hammocks, packed up our kits, and paddled to meet some friends of Sean’s.  They just purchased new kayaks, a Chatham 17 and an Eliza.  They wanted some tips on self rescues with their new kayaks.  So we helped them get to know their new paddling partners. (I see my kayak as a paddling partner, without it, I am just floating around, LOL)

We paddled with them until noon and then we went our separate ways.   Back to what we left behind.  – Jeff


  1. Thanks for pointing all the good things about Florida and its waterways. I feel that folks are so focused on the oil debacle that they forgotten that there are other parts of Florida that are refreshing and peaceful.

  2. Jeff – Such a poignant post. This oil thing is overwhelming. We are doing the same as you guys – enjoying what we have now. Who knows what lies ahead. You have our sincere wishes that the impact on your shores is minimal.

    PS – Maybe I need to get a kite 🙂


  3. Pam – I always enjoy your comments. The oil disaster is in the mind and lips of everyone around here. I am contemplating writing an oil in my backyard post. Unfortunately, it will not be one of my inspirational or motivational posts. I actually dreaded writing it because the more I think about it the more I realize that I am also apart of the problem because oil is in or has a part in everything.

    Well I enjoyed your post yesterday. You keep writing like that and maybe we will relocate our family to enjoy in your clean waters.

    Keep a watch on the news about the oil. It is going to get worse with hurricane season approaching. All we can do is enjoy what we have. And there are great things to see in my backyard waters.

  4. Just happened upon your site. Can’t wait to read back into some of your adventures in the area.. I’m always looking for more local inspiration and motivation.

  5. Hi Katie – Thank you for your comment. Sean and I are always looking to live in the moment. And kayaking has helped us do just that. Being outside has helped us stay motivated. And when we are stuck in the mud of life these Florida waters have always inspired us to move forward.

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