Escape from Fort Desoto Triathlon Support

On Saturday April 10th, 2010 Sean, Kayak Kev, and I helped our friends at Bill Jackson’s with the Escape from Fort Desoto Triathlon Support at the swim portion of the race.

We meet at 6:00 am at Shelter #9.  There were at least fifteen kayakers, and paddle boarders (organized by Bill Jacksons) to help with this event. Before the sun rose Sean and I helped with the placement of the grizzly bear size inflatable buoys.  It was like wrestling a bear to get them placed because of the wind.   During the process my water bottle fell off my deck.  The current took it, I thought to Davy Jones Locker.  Surprise, I found it washed up on the beach fifteen minutes later.

As the sun woke up the water became perfect for swimming.  It was so nice that dolphins showed up to swim between the kayakers and swimmers.

After the race several of us went to Skyway Jack’s.  This is a local spot.  Marked with a chicken out front.  And it is one of the best places to go for old fashion food.  Skyway Jack’s is at 2795 34th St. S in St. Petersburg; (727) 867-1907. It’s open 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily serving breakfast and lunch.  I was so hungry I ate baked beans, kielbasa, a ham egg and cheese sandwich on wheat bread, a cornbread muffin with butter, and washed it down with a large glass of orange juice. YUM!

It was a great morning — Jeff

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