Monster by Frank Peretti

It is Spring Break, and the college I work at is quiet.  The days have been uncommonly cold, wet, and overcast.  For the past week during lunch I have hidden from the know world under a large tree.  I sneak away from my office at 11:55am with a jacket, a blanket, a hot cup of tea, and a book.   I then return at 1:00pm refreshed and eager for tomorrows lunch time.

The book that has entertained me is  Monster by Frank E. Peretti (2005).  The book has nothing to do with kayaking.  It is about the unexpected journey four friends take in the deep woods of northern Idaho.  What grips me the most about this book was how I could visualize and become apart of the woods.  The smells and sounds described in these pages danced around in my mind.

The title Monster is more in keeping with that of an elusive homonym because monster is sometimes a who then a what and it is constantly changing its meaning.  This thriller has several twists and had me cheering, laughing, and wondering what and how it was to end.  I was not disappointed at the ending.



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