Suwannee River: spirits

This evening I started thinking about the history that flows from the Suwannee River.  It is All Hallows Eve and some people are tricked into wrapping themselves in consumerism.  The treats consumed tonight rots the body and does little to nourish the soul.  It is not a very happy day at all; moreover, it is a far departure for its historical and spiritual roots.  It is history that interests me and I started thinking about the people that once lived on this magical river.

The purpose of this time was to remember those who have died.  I wonder about the people who died on the 266 winding miles of water cutting through southern Georgia and Florida. I have come across some legends that say the Suwannee River in the 1780’s were full of pirates. The river also supported the lives of several Native American tribes before and after Europeans discovered the Suwannee.  And in recent history there is the ghost town of Ellaville.  We will travel under that town’s abandoned bridge during our trip.

It is possible that along the river late at night we could see spirits dancing in the moonlit mist.  Maybe we will only hear the sounds of sturgeons leaping and barred owls speaking.  No mater what we see and not see  Sean and I will treat the time on the water respectful of those who loved and died along the Suwannee River.

– Jeff

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