Good Training, Happy Ending!

Hi Fellow Paddlers,

Kevin Reich
Picture from Bay News 9

Its been a very busy week in the world of news and info!!(Sun. Aug. 9th). I just wanted to drop this quick blog in about a 15 year old young man who we could all learn a little something from. Not only was he prepared beyond his years, but he was THANKFUL too!

To set the scene he was in local waters on his Waverunner(personal watercraft).

He was overtaken by a really strong and quick moving thunderstorm, as is the normal afternoon weather here in central gulfcoast Florida. The waves got big and his waverunner started to sink! Did he Panic? NO, not this well taught and simply prepared young Mariner! He quickly pulled out his cellphone that was in a 66 cent(at the most) plastic 10″x10″ Ziplock Baggie- which he had learned you can talk through and both parties can be heard; and called 911. He also remained very calm and collected on the phone with the 911 operator. They located him within 45 minutes of the call being made; by Sheriff Marine Unit Patrol/Rescue boat.

He also had with him a whistle, Personal Flotation Device(which he was wearing), and checks in with home at a designated time frame. Consequently, his mother said he had just missed the last call-in time and she was already in the process of setting into motion search boats herself!! The young man stated he had previous boaters courses and lessons his parents had taught him!! Lets all give a BIG Thank You to Mom/Dad for instilling Great Lessons to this neat young man! Like I said earlier, THANKFUL. No need to say more!!


This is an Awesome story in my opinion! Just think if a FAST moving waverunner can get nailed by BAD weather, what the heck would you do if out in your Kayak? There is never a substitute for being prepared for and trained to handle- BAD STUATIONS while on the water!!!!

And they lived Happily Everafter!
Sea Turtle Sean

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