Breaking News: Update on Jellyfish Sting Cures!!


This Just In: While watching Myth Busters yesterday(Sunday Aug. 9th) on my back deck, because it was just too #@*% HOT to paddle, the episode Myth Busters: 68, on Jellyfish and the Vodka Cure! Guess what? VODKA WORKS to Disable the Nematocysts and lessen the effects! The boys on Myth Busters rubbed a Pacific Stinging Nettle Jellyfish on Kari Byron’s arms and rinsed one with warm seawater, then applied an antihistamine gel- Ok standard treatment worked. Now for the other side- rinsed in warm seawater and Vodka poured on it- SAME EFFECT as the standard treatment!!!!

So now, not only is Vodka good for clearing your head and making you feel good, its just as effective for stopping the sting and making you feel good!! WHO KNEW?? Which would bring us to one final question: Does high end Vodka work better than the cheap stuff??



  1. No sense in wasting a good vodka although I am aware of the Myth Buster program…the show was filmed at Monterey Bay Sea Aquarium ..New product called StingMate works better than Vodka…available at cheers take care…

  2. well you could drink a half bottle before for preventive measures….

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