🛶 Arbuckle Creek

We had a great time paddling on Sunday July 12 down Arbuckle Creek. Sean and I knew it was going to be an interesting day after we got some gas at a convince store.  A chicken crossed the front of his automobile.  I guess it wanted to go paddling with us.  We saw several birds and colorful plants.

E Arbuckle Road
Avon Park, FL. 33825


Merge onto I-275 Southbound, You will need $2 for this toll road
Merge onto I-75 south
Take exit 220
Merge left onto SR 64 eastbound, you will travel on this road for 69 miles.
Turn right onto E Arbuckle Road, you will remain on this road for 3 miles.
There is a canoe launch located at the end of this road.
There are no rest rooms at the boat launch
There is no Parking Fee

1 Comment

  1. boy’s
    I had a good time on the arbuckle paddle.Hope we can go another time.
    Please let me know when we go again next mo.and where it will be.

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