Sunday July 12: Arbuckle Creek, kayak trip

Posted: July 8, 2009 by Jeff Fabiszewski in Arbuckle Creek, Florida Kayaking, Trips
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Arbuckle Creek 0190We are back to offering our friends and future guests unique kayak trips that you will remember fondly.  We have great food cooked up. And new themes.


Sunday July 12 we are inviting you to paddle with us on Arbuckle Creek in Sebring/Avonpark area.

The charge is $20 with your own kayak.  There is no parking fee.  This is the creek that Sean saw deer along the river bank.


E Arbuckle Road
Avon Park, FL. 33825


Merge onto I-275 Southbound, You will need $2 for this toll road
Merge onto I-75 south
Take exit 220
Merge left onto SR 64 eastbound, you will travel on this road for 69 miles.
Turn right onto E Arbuckle Road, you will remain on this road for 3 miles.
There is a canoe launch located at the end of this road.  See you there at 10:30
There are no rest rooms at the boat launch
There is no Parking Fee

Just respond via email if you are planing on paddling with us, this way we will have plenty of food for our guests.


We are not offering rentals at this time.

  1. Peggy says:

    I am totally bummed, I wanted to paddle Arbuckle Creek again..but have company down from Ohio, who is leaving on that day, so I will not be able to join in on the fun. 😦

  2. Beaner says:

    Sean & Jeff I an looking forward to this trip. Thank you for picking me up at my house. thanks. BEANER

  3. Gloria Rowley says:

    Bruce and I will be joining the group on July 12. We need cold beer and gator tail for snacks. :)-

  4. Lorrin says:

    Hey Jeff. just wanted to let you know I will be coming out on Sunday. It should be me and Nick again unless he is sick or something weird. See you Sunday. Thanks!

  5. Hi Gloria, cold beer and gator tail was not a part of the planed menu. I know you will like what I am slaving over the stove to make.

  6. Red says:

    I will see you there.

  7. […] We had a great time paddling on Sunday July 12 down Arbuckle Creek. Sean and I knew it was going to be an interesting day after we got some gas at a convince store.  […]

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