🍳 Recipe : Egg Wrap

This is my take on a fast outdoor camping meal.

  • One 6in corn or flour soft wrap
  • Two eggs
  • One tablespoon of chunky hot salsa
  • One thin slice of spicy Monterey jack cheese with jalapeños


I use a MSR BlackLite 7.25in diameter Fry Pan on a MSR Dragonfly stove and a very small spatula. No oil is required. I break the eggs in the pan and scramble them in it. When done I push the eggs to one side and place my wrap in the pan. Then I add the cheese and slide the eggs on to the wrap. I top with the salsa and add the lid to the pan for a few seconds before I roll it to eat.

To save on fuel I use the windscreen provided by MSR. If I am going on an overnight outing, I pack eggs in a plastic egg carrier and pack out the eggs shells in it. Most backpacking stores carry them. If I am out for several days, I use powdered eggs.

I usually end the meal with an orange, some beef jerky, and a drink of water.

This is easy, quick, and the cleanup is a snap.  For me there is no excuse to skip a meal before I get back to paddling.

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