Christmas kayaking reflection

It is the season when people forget the historical, literal, and spiritual components of the Christmas Season. I rarely express my feelings. Nevertheless, let us face facts. Christmas for many people is a one-dimensional goal focusing on stuff. So, this past weekend I went paddling on the Ocklawaha River in Marion County Florida to get away from the noise and the pressure of consumerism.

The three of us drove nearly three hours to get to the put in. For me it was great to trade the noise of the road for the sound of my paddle dipping into the water. We made camp at a primitive campsite and relaxed for the next two nights. From that base camp, we explored the river, and ate like kings.

I grew up backpacking. As a youth, I always looked forward to eating while on the trail. Then when I was around the campfire, I enjoy tall tales of past trips. This weekend was almost no different from my past day as a youth; the two exceptions were that I kayaked and I am a married man with a wife and son at home.

As I was traveling back home I reflected on my friendships and the loving people that I will spend the Christmas Season with. For me the act of kayaking refreshed me. Now I am ready to share the fullness of love with my family and friends.


I will be adding future posts about the Ocklawaha River, my favorite foods, how to Leave No Trace with campfires, and how I pack everything out that I take into the outdoors.


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