šŸŽ¦ Euro Paddlers and Greenland Paddlers, Here is a Greenlander DVD for Your Christmas List

Well it is now less than seven weeks to Christmas and I am starting to look around for gifts for friends and family. Of course while shopping for them I am beginning to assemble my own list, just in case someone asks. Unfortunately not all of the items I discover make it to my list, some just get bought (lol!).

So with that confession let me recommend a great DVD called Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson from Greenlandorbust.org. Although I paddle a Euro blade and while the DVD does concentrate on layback rolls and advanced rolls using a Greenland paddle, it offers excellent advice for anyone who is trying to learn to roll or is trying to troubleshoot their on again / off again roll. In the section “Troubleshooting the Roll” Helen Wilson does a great job at pointing out some of the obvious mistakes we make and some of the not so obvious ones that cause our roll to fail. The techniques in this section of the DVD are applicable to both disciplines of paddles.

This DVD is available directly from Greenlandorbust.org or if you are in the Tampa Bay area, from Sweetwater Kayaks at 727-570-4844.

Happy Rolling, Chad M.

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