Swamp Ape sighting

We sighted two Swamp Apes this weekend!  Usually Swamp Apes are shy and elusive, and you are in luck when you find one…

We chose to go paddling a few night ago to get the bugs sorted out of our kits.  And comfort is going to be an issue for us.  Sean is having an issue with the back band, and my left foot is falling a sleep.  We ended our pre-paddle on one of our local spoil islands and  Sean was most surprised when I offered him a dark bottle of Swamp Ape IPA.

This Florida beer is born at the Florida Beer Company in Melbourne.  When the top is popped off the smell awakens your senses.  Swamp Ape is a Double India Pale Ale and if Florida could be bottled it would taste like this beer!  This is a tropical brew that has a balanced dose of spicy black pepper.  As it flows past the teeth and down the throat a blend of pineapples, peaches, mango, and oranges come through.  Even the carbonation is not powerful it has just the right amount of prickliness.  It is not a weak beer. There are five different types of hops and the strong fruit aromas balance out the potent aroma and slightly bitter after-taste.  The 10% alcohol slowly makes itself noticeable with a dry, thick, and creamy finish.  Yum…

We do not condone mixing drinking and boating.  That is why we are more about quality than quantity.  And after we are done paddling for the day one beer with full flavor is always better than a six pack of the other stuff.  Especially when you plan on waking up early the next day to go paddling.  Be safe, and do not go paddling even after having one beer.  When you drink stay put.  It is not worth the buzz kill.  – Jeff


  1. The only reason I was going to comment on this blog was to mention Swamp Ape DIPA. That is until I read your blog. I can find this brew on tap at some places but I’m hoping to find it in a bottle real soon.

  2. Hi Pam, from the taste of the IPA I think at least one person at the Florida Beer Company is from Scotland. It is so good, it should be Scotish

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