BOOK REVIEW: The Terror by Dan Simmons

….Finally I finished reading this Great Novel!!! PHEW. The book has over 700 pages and reads extremely detailed- which also means that it goes extremely slow. It was hard for me to continue reading at a steady pace because chapter after chapter consisited of much of the same stuff. Lots of ice & snow. Followed by alot of fighting done by proper macho English Navalmen. Then a splattering of blood and gore created by some unknown white monster.

That being said it is a wonderful book which takes its reader on a 3 year expedition into the North Arctic with 2 British Royal Navy Ships-  The Terror & The Erebus. They were both real ships at one time that went missing during there expedition in the arctic. TRUE STORY!! The author takes some real facts and blends them awesomely with his own ideas of what happened to those doomed ships.

Without revealing too much; The Monster in the story is Very Real!! The Eskimo Squaw has alot to do with saving the ONLY Survivor! And the story will end totally different than you think it will!

…. Also remember there is a very fine line between what we feel is Reality and what lies ahead in the Dream World! This book does a Fantastic job of blurring the line in between!!

I would recommend this book if you feel like you will have ALOT of reading time or want something to read over a major period of time. Otherwise if you want to get to the punchline quick ; This book is NOT for you!!

-Sean F.

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