new paddling adventures

Well my paddling friend is out of town.  Unfortunately, I am a bit envious because Sean planed to do some white water paddling on his vacation.  I hope he got some good pictures, or at least a good story to tell.  (Yep, this is a challenge to get him to post something LOL)

Meanwhile I have been trying some new local paddling things.  This past Thursday at Sweetwater Kayaks I dived into the new phenomenon that is hitting our local waters.  It is not oil; it is Stand up Paddle-boarding.

The SUP that I played on is The “Original” 12′ by YOLO Board. 12 feet Long, 31 1/2″ Wide, 4 3/4″ Thick, 30 lbs.

I paddled it for about two hours and I only fell off once.  Ok so how does a person who stands up in his Necky Chatham 17 fall off a SUP that is 31.5 inches wide?  Well I was playing with my feet position while steering the board.

I knew that if I stood too far forward I would sink the tip of the Stand Up Paddle Board causing the board to submarine into the water as I paddled forward.  I also knew that by moving my center of balance I could turn the board.  In addition, the other thing that I knew was if I stand too far back on the tail the SUP would sink causing a decrease in speed.

Knowing and experiencing are two different things.  And I learn best by doing.  So as I paddled I took small jumps and steps forward, backward, to port, and to starboard.  It is amazing that I only fell of once with me bouncing around on the deck of the SUP.  (One on looker remarked that it looked like I was practicing an Irish jig)  What did me in was paddling forward on my right, standing too far forward, and with too much of my weight on the starboard edge.  PLOP goes Jeff.

I had a good laugh and the other paddlers did as well.

I also experienced no discomfort in my low back.  I have had back issues in the past… My calves were the only parts of my body that were little tender.

*   *   *

Sunday I got together with my board gaming friends for a different type of game.  We went searching for scallops.  This was the first time we got together to go kayaking.

The sky was blue, the water was dark, and the air was hot.  It was refreshing to swim and look deep into the sea grass.  From the boat launch we traveled through a small creek into the brackish waters looking into the Gulf of Mexico.  We tried for a few hours.  We saw fish, manatee, and a dolphin swam past us.  But no scallops for the picking.

I found it relaxing, floating and looking into the water.  This was also my first time snorkeling.  It is odd for me to admit this because I swim almost every day at my gym.  I think if the opportunity presented itself I would try snorkeling for scallops again.



*   *   *

At the end of the day the only one successful in finding a scallop was a blue crab…

— Life is like that, Jeff


  1. I had a slight bulging disk. So I listened to the advice of my doctor, physical therapist, and chiropractor.

    Doctor said for the first month do nothing but rest and wear a back brace. Only bend at the knees. No lifting of anything. And have some light massage.

    Physical therapist said to slowly wean off of the back brace after the first month and strengthen the back by laying on the stomach tighten the abbs and slowly lift alternating arm and leg. Also lay on back tighten the abbs and slowly lift alternating arm and leg. Then progressively increase the difficulty under the guidance of a therapist / personal trainer (for the rest of your life)

    Chiropractor said stay away from all chiropractic work for at least six months. Continue with the exercises for the rest of your life. And add tai chi or yoga to my exercise maintenance. Always bend at the knees. And only use the back brace if your “honey do” list requires moving stuff. (for the rest of your life)

    In essence it has taken me two years to say that “I am pain free” because I am doing what I am told. The first 20 months were the hardest. I have also noticed that when I slack off for a few days stiffness returns.

    Stiffness is a warning sign that my disk is not receiving oxygen and nutrition from the blood stream, exercise is the best way to get oxygen and nutrients to the jelly center of the disc for good back health.

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