Watching and Waiting

Some who read and follow our site may wonder why Jeff and I have not mentioned the Oil Spill here in the Gulf of Mexico. “Those boys are usually right on top of breaking news that affects the water or kayakers?” or “Do they not know about it, surely they must! ” or possibly “Could it be they are just so wrapped up in their own little paddling world, they just don ‘t care!!!”

Well, the truth of the matter is that I have been monitoring the situation from the beginning or shall we say initial explosion on the rig. First and foremost, I am deeply sorry for the loss of life and missing workers that are still unaccounted for. I believe initial reports stated 11 missing. Have not heard anything to update or change that info. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and friends.

Now for the next issue at hand; the Oil Spill is located off the coasts of Louisiana and Mississippi and is still 300 miles north of the Pinellas County peninsula and Tampa Bay area. This does not mean that we are not being affected by the crisis, or that it is still too far away for us to care! As a paddler and Waterman I am deeply sadden and distressed by this situation. We could all point fingers at BP, the owners of the rig- would that actually do any good? Might make us feel better to have someone to blame. Now is not the time.

It is my thought that we as Kayakers, Surfers, Mariners, Fisherman/woman, Sailors, Marine Scientists, Water Lovers, Wildlife Warriors, and the list goes on; should all be coming together right now to defend our marine wildlife and shorelines. This seems to be exactly what is happening at this very moment 300 miles north of where I sit writing this posting. HOORAH! Thank You to all those already on the frontlines coastlines!!!! We Salute Your Efforts.

I will close this posting by letting all who know Jeff and I, know that WE are  keeping a close eye and ear on the news. We are hoping and praying that they get this thing sealed off and can continue with clean-up so that the oil does not make it into the Loop Current and send it heading towards us, the Keys, and eventually the Atlantic Ocean where it could be strewn to all-over-God-knows-where! There has already been enough damage to the environment, but if the spill does make it into the Loop Current and eventually towards the Suncoast of Florida- rest assured that Jeff and Sean will be doing their part to help with any clean-up efforts that we can. Including but not limited to wildlife washing or helping to place booms along our coasts, even supporting the clean-up crews with water/and food.

We will keep our readers updated as soon as we know more on the situation!

Till then watching & waiting, Sean

PS. Below is a Letter from Tampa Bay Watch

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