Late Post: St. Anthonys’ Triathlon belated.


It was a challenging year for the swimmers/riders/runners at the triathlon this year. As well as for the Kayak Support Team. I really can ‘t tell you what the ride & run were like- although both seemed to be running smoothly.

As for the swim portion we had over 4000 swimmers and 15-20 knot south-east winds, and 2-3 foot whitecaps with the occasional breaking wave! I was positioned, according to Darry Jackson from Bill Jacksons Outdoor shop at the most difficult position on the course. I was positioned at the last corner turn before heading back to shore for the finish. At one time Darry said he looked over and I had 6 athletes hanging off my kayak! I guess we were needed. Everyone of the swimmers made it in safe with the help of all the kayakers, SUP paddlers, and Police boats,jet skis, & Life Guards. A BIG THANK YOU to all who helped out.

I was so tired after battling waves,wind and current; (not to mention tired swimmers) that after 5 hours on the water- I went straight home ate some Advil for lunch and went straight to bed for about 31/2 hours. TIRED!!!!

– Sean

P.S.- Jeff, We missed you, where did you go- slacker NO SHOW BOY! Ha,Ha!

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  1. Hey Sean, sometimes plans become fluid when it comes to family. My wife had to work and I got the chance to play hide and seek in a sofa cushion and bed sheet fort with my “little big man”. It is not often that I will admit this but I had a better time playing make believe than being on the water.

    Granted when my wife saw the state of the living room she wished that I had gone kayaking. LOL.

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