Suwannee River Reflections- Day 1

    Hola Paddlers!

    Well it has been almost 2 months since Jeff and I did our expedition down the Great Suwannee River. I decided I wanted to wait a while before I wrote my postings on the trip- giving the memories time to stew and ferment, so to speak. So here I am finally writing my thoughts and feelings on the trip.

    Jeff and I got on the road the first day without delay at 4 a.m. and had plenty of time to spare to make it to the shuttle point on time. When we arrived in Branford at the Agriculture Station, after 4 hours of driving; the temp was around 50 degrees and there was a light misting sort of rain falling. Yes its true even as experienced paddlers we get those- “should we be going & did we pack enough warm clothes”- types of second thoughts. I was starting to get those thoughts as we piled our gear up in the rain and unloaded our kayaks from my SUV. We waited 2 hours for Mr. Wendell from American Canoe Adventures to pick up and take us to the put-in point(White Springs). The shuttle went off without any problems and after about an hours drive, we were soon floating down the Suwannee River in the cool air with overcast skies and light rain on & off. We paddled our first 13 miles down the river along giant rock ledges and white sandy beaches and made it to Woods Ferry River Camp! What an AWESOME camp and our host “Gator Bill” was very nice and accomadating. I took a hot shower that night and almost froze to death(not really) but it felt like it when I got out- YOU should have seen how fast I put on my clothes and the sounds of ecstasy I made as the layers started to warm me up.

    Jeff and I set up our tents in our screened in “Chickee” and made one of our Mountain House Dinners- I think it was Cajun Red Beans and Rice. We then cleaned up and I played Solitaire with a deck of cards I brought and Jeff called his wife-Mrs. Stacy! I had already checked in with my wife earlier-Mrs. Shelly. I drifted to sleep with the wonder of a child with thoughts of the next days paddle and what we might see and experience.  Oh, Yes it is very nice to know you will have a designated camp each night; not that I mind primitive camping, its just nice to know your sleeping someplace legally and somewhat safe! Hope you enjoy reading this and I will follow with Posting 2 in about 2-3 days!

                                           -Sea Turtle Sean


  1. Anything for you Suwannee Refugee, and thanks for reading our site. Check back on Saturday, the Day 2 post should be up by then. One of my favorite days of paddling!!!! -Sean

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