kayak fishing

Yes, I actually caught two fish.  The last time I caught a fish I was 15.  It is an odd thing to admit because I have been on the water with a lot of kayak anglers.  We even shared our knowledge.  I taught them how to paddle without effort.  And they taught me how to think like a fish.  After all of my practice casting it finally worked.  My friends have always had fun with this failure fo mine.  The running joke is that the first fish I catch will probably be caught with my mouth instead of  with a lure.  Because of all of the rolling I do.

Tony and I were fishing inshore saltwater.  Within a five mile radius of an inlet island we fished on the flats, around docks, under a bridge, and at the edge of a channel.  Then before the sun set we made camp on an island.  My two fish were too small to keep.  However Tony caught some legal size ones.

With our fish we ate roasted corn, potatoes, and baked apples.  We toasted the night with a little rum and then went night fishing.  We only caught some horseshoe crabs and snails.  We cooked the snails with a little butter.  It tasted great!

I will never eat wild snails again.  It became quickly apparent that it did not agree with me.  Oops…

The sunrise completed a beautiful night.  We fished near the boat channel as we paddled back to the boat launch.  Tony caught three more redfish.  I was not so successful.

This was a rewarding and peaceful experience.  I definitely recommend everyone to try their hand at kayak fishing.  At best you catch some fish.  At worst you get a chance to play like a kid again.

– Jeff

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