#4 Expedition Planning : The Menu!

Hey Water Junkies, SORRY this post is long overdue: It has been a stressful time recently & I had computer problems-A WORM! I’ m not talk’n earth worm either! Computer still down but I’ m finally doing this from my home computer- not the infected work computer.


Here it is, the long awaited #4 post in our Expedition Series. This post will be focusing on the food Jeff and I will be taking on our 5 day paddling expedition down the Suwannee River. Including Breakfast each morning, and Lunch and Dinner for each day. This will also include how we plan to prepare and pack it as well as the calorie count that we feel will be needed for each day. There will also be an ending paragraph on the extras- such as snacks/secret last minute desserts and must haves!!!

For starters lets do breakfast:  This will consist of  assorted instant oatmeal flavors- Calories 100 to 160 depending on the flavor. We will also be having on at least 1 day, Backpacker’s Pantry Denver Omelets– Calories 220. Also on the menu for breakfast will be assorted travel packs of cereals- Calories 120-180 depending on brand. Don’t forget a 4-6 pack of UHT(ultra high temperature) Milk in boxes- Calories 170. That should just about do it for the mornings. That would mean we will start each day at around 200 to 350 or more calories depending on what we eat. Not including any treats I.E.- fruit cup, instant coffee, juice.

Next lets do lunch: This will include the ever popular Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich- Calories 242. Also assorted packaged Albacore Tuna & Salmon(only the best for Jeff & I) to be put in a wrap- Calories 120-160. Don’t forget the individual packaged Cheddar Cheese slices- Calories 120. Totaling 280 to 362 calories give or take a few depending on what other goodies might be added as we see fit or as something grabs our taste buds. I forgot to mention I still have a few Military Issue M.R.E.s( meals ready to eat) that just might make it into the Lunch Line!!!!

Now for the Dinner Menu: The first night Jeff and I will be dining on Beef Tips and Green Peppers with Egg Noodles that we will pre-make at home and put in ice to be re-heated at camp the first night!! Not sure on the calories but I would guess around 350 calories. For the rest of the expedition we will be eating  20 oz. Mountain House Dinners that feed 2. They are as follows,  Spaghetti w/ meat sauce- Calories 270.  Mexican Style Rice & Chicken- Calories 480.  Beef Stroganoff- Calories 310.  And finally Grilled Chicken & Mashed Potatoes- Calories 250. These are all backpacker type just add water to rehydrate foods. One would think YUCK! They are actually quite YUMMY!

All of these foods we can either eat as they are out of the package or can use our small MSR white gas stoves to heat water and add to rehydrate as well as warm the food. As far as packing the food goes none of this will need to be refrigerated and all of it will fit nicely into a dry bag or directly into the storage areas of our kayaks as it is all contained in a small slim package of its own.

After doing research on the calorie intake that we should be consuming we settled upon 1400 to 1600 a day. This may seem a little low as compared to other sports endeavors, but remember it will be chilly( or downright cold!) and we will have a current pushing us along to aid with exertion and fatigue. Therefore we will not burn as much fuel in our bodies as if we were paddling in the heat & against a current/wind/waves in open waters. To break it down that would mean around 900 to 1000 calories, just with the 3 meals each day!! That doesn’t include snacking on things like Trail Mix- Calories about 180 per serving. Or Jeffs’ Famous Desserts- I KNOW HE’ LL BE WHIPPNG SOMETHING UP!!!!  I.E.  Orange Cinnamon Swirls, Stuffed Apples, Cakes & Cookies too! He will be using a Backpackers Pantry Outback Oven to make these goodies!

So as you can see we will NOT be Starving by any means on our little Expedition! I don’ t think we will have any problems getting enough calorie intake to keep going. I also have a feeling that somehow a can of Black-EYED Peas will make it into the New Years Eve Dinner as well for GOOD LUCK! And I KNOW Jeff and I will be toasting in the New Paddling Year with some sort of Adult Beverage- could be Champagne, could be Tequila; WHO KNOWS!?!? Thats the beauty of it. It doesn’t matter because only we will be there to experience it!!!!………….. Well us and the Spirits and Animals of the Suwannee River.

-Already dreaming of  Eating and Paddling, Sea Turtle Sean.

Next Post #5 in the Expedition Series:  The Gear.    Posting in 8 days.( I Promise )

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