Jeff, We Will Miss Thee!

Posted: October 15, 2009 by Sean Fitzgibbon in Florida Kayaking

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will miss the Jeffster on our Koreshan camping/paddling trip this weekend! He was supposed to go but had something come up at work– Ughh!! When LIFE gets in the way, but as paddlers it happens to the best of us; and we have ALL been there. Jeff to you we send a solid SALUTE and raise our Paddles to THEE! I feel like I’ m cheating on my second wife. Oh, well I’ ll see you when we get back!!!!

  1. You are cheating on your second wife, 🙂 When I get home from work I will just watch “This is the Sea 4” and work on our menu for the Suwannee River. I just found a link in “Backpacker Magazine” mentioning recipes from “Real Camping World“. Yum. My wife is looking forward to being a taste tester. – Jeff

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