Recipe : Salsa Chicken and Zesty Rice

Posted: September 25, 2009 by Jeff Fabiszewski in Recipes
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I like to eat simply and enjoy rich flavors.  In outdoor cooking this is hard to achieve however this complete meal recipe for Salsa Chicken, Zesty Rice, sticky sweetcorn muffins, and salad hits the spot.

spicy chicken

  • Served First
    • salad
    • Catalina dressing
    • with peach tea or a Mexican beverage

backpackers_pantry2Alpine Aire Foods

  • Zesty Rice
    • taco seasoning packet, 1 ounce
    • white rice
    • stewed tomatoes, small can
    • diced tomatoes and green chilies, combined in one small can
    • sweet onion
  • When the Salsa Chicken is done Use a Backpackers Pantry “Outback Oven Ultralight” to cook sticky sweetcorn muffins

Your tastebuds will enjoy this complete meal, Jeff

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