Expedition Planning!

Posted: September 22, 2009 by Sean Fitzgibbon in Expeditions, Florida Kayaking, Suwannee River Expedition
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Well, Jeff and I have kept it a secret long enough. We just wanted to make sure the trip would be a definite GO!

WE ARE OFFICIALLY HEADED TO DO 5 DAYS, AND JUST UNDER 100 MILES ON THE SUWANNEE RIVER,FLORIDA. I will be doing a series of blogs on our planning and eventually leaving for 1 of the premiere paddling experiences in North America. Launch date: 12/27/09 to 01/01/10. Liquid Rhythm is starting the New Year off Paddling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. kayakkev says:

    We will miss you over the annual Christmas Camping trip.

  2. sean4 says:

    Jeff and I will also miss you and Boots & Beaner too. That is why “the boys” will be with you at Koreshan on the 16th-18th of October. It will definitely be different not being with you all during the Holidays- you can bet we will show up to pester you at somepoint, I do still need to borrow those pogies!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA!
    Sean Fitzgibbon L.O.F../C.O.F./R.F.O.

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