Memorial Day

Picture from the Arlington National Cemetery Website

Memorial Day is Monday May 25.  For some people it is a day off from work to spend time with family.  Others use Memorial Day weekend as an excuse to go shopping.  Neither are reasons this time is set apart.  On May 30, 1868 Americans banded together to commemorate soldiers’ sacrifices and reflect on their commitment to defend this country with their lives, and we have continued this tradition.  It is a time to go to cemeteries and honor the men and women of this country who have died.  By remembering and reflecting on their actions, we can pay tribute to all soldiers killed in action.

We have the freedom of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.  Moreover, the blood of soldiers has contributed to protect the freedoms that so many people take for granted.

I recommend that parents use Memorial Day as a teaching tool for their kids.  Spend a little time adorning the graves of soldiers with flags or flowers at local cemeteries or memorials. Fly our flag at half-mast until noon.  Observer a moment of silence at 3pm.  Better-yet, contact the local VFW Post to see if a widow, widower, or orphan of a Vet needs a helping hand.  Maybe they need something done around their house or help getting to the grocery store.  Memorial Day is not a time to be self-absorbed.  Sacrifice a little time on Memorial Day to honor the memory of our fallen Veterans, because “the greatest causality is being forgotten”.


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