Team River Runner – Tampa, rescue class

Today I taught a group safety class on Trout Creek for Team River Runner Tampa Chapter.  We had a great time discussing group management and how to handle unplanned capsizes.  Team River Runner is a nonprofit group of volunteers that work with veterans.  Consequently, we focused on how to perform assisted rescues of paraplegics, quads, and people with residual limbs.  I also briefly talked about hearing and visually challenged kayakers’ needs with a hand full of participants.




Every day I meet people who think that they cannot enjoy the freedom of kayaking because of their body.  The fact is that everyone can get out on the water.  And I leap at every opportunity to help the men and women at our local VA.


  1. I see that you have your ‘victim’ clinging to the bow of your boat, would you do the same in a rough water rescue?

  2. Hi Seth- I am glad that you pointed out that we vary our rescue techniques according to the water, weather, and ability.

    In rough water I have found that the T-Rescue with swimmer at bow is not the safest in flowing seas. So I sometimes have varied the T-Rescue with the swimmer, holding the stern of their boat, or on the back deck of my boat to re-entry, or using the Curl (aka swamped hatch recovery) having the swimmer holding their boat and rolling up the swamped boat parallel to mine. Then pumping after they Re-Enter.

    Every real rescue I have preformed has never been textbook. Because lately I have been on the water with people who have arthritis or are missing their legs.

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