Paddling the Ocklawaha!!!!

I know Jeff has already written about our trip (in his post Christmas kayaking reflection) this past weekend! I thought it would be neat to hear it from a different perspective. First let me start by saying My Paddling Buddies and I have talked about doing this trip for years and it took this long to get the FUN DUN!!  Its always funny to me what seems to lead to a particular paddling destination, case in point the Birthday of a good friend. Birthdays to me are important so I like to do cool things to celebrate them. Brian (above mentioned good friend) told me about the Ocklawaha Campsite that we chose to stay at on this paddle about 2 years ago. So for Bians B-Day we all went paddling on the Ocklawaha!

What a beautiful river, the name Ocklawaha means MUDDY river, which to me is funny because I have seen some muddy rivers and this one is not that muddy!  We paddled for about an hour and 30 minutes down river to a great campsite set on a High Bluffs area, overlooking the river!

We had a peaceful time only seeing 5 people over the course of 3 days and 2 nights.¬† As, Jeff said it was nice to get away from the hustle & bustle of¬† THE HOLIDAY SEASON, not to mention everyday life! For me though this trip was a neat adventure not only for the fact that it was new water, also for the experience(experiment) of seeing the different attitudes from the 3 people on the trip and what it meant to each of us!¬† More posts later to elaborate on the “Mixing and Blending of Different Personalities on Paddle Trips!”

All I can say to close with is what a WONDERFUL  area to paddle and camp at. If getting away and primitive camping are your thing than this is your trip, being within 21/2 hours of  the Tampa Bay area.  I also wanted to touch on the wildlife we saw: Bowfin fish, Bald Eagle, Limpkins, Alligators, River Otter, a deer leg- probably from a hunter(human or gator).  We also heard a Bobcat or Panther screaming!!  I would also like to mention how much you appreciate heat and a good mattress after humbling youself in the woods, and reflect on what it must have been like 2000 years ago, on a cold and HOLY Night!!!!!!!        SEE YOU ON THE WATER & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

Sean “Topa Honu”

P.S. The picture below is of some Swamp Maple Saplings growing out of a Cypress Shaft!! Jeff and I thought it was a Cool Picture!!!!



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