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I am adding fuel to the fire of debate with this post.

Bubble Street 12 Feb 2008

Greenland paddlers like to say we “qajaq”.  We sometimes wear a tulik that make us look like a talking seal.  The paddle we use looks like a thin-down two by four piece of lumber.  We prefer to play between the edge of where air and water meet.  It is totally “Old School”. And for some it is all about the show of rolling.

Is going Green’ a cult?  By definition it is.  One of the common definitions of cult is “An exclusive group of persons sharing an esoteric, usually artistic, or intellectual interest”.  The rejecting of modern technology to embrace the technology of history is the sine qua non of relating to the water in a way that land lovers may never understand.

In the next few posts I will share with you why I am a Greenland style paddler.  The logic behind why I see value in paddling with several styles of paddles.  And why I enjoy teaching this traditional style of kayaking to Florida paddlers who want to improve their paddling form and feel of the water.  – Jeff