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Hey Everyone,
Got a chance to meet with Jeff & KayakKev on Saturday, April 4th for the CLC Kayak Demo, its just been a busy week, so I’m just getting a chance to blog about it now!!! I went into the demo with HIGH expectations about 1 particular Yak- The Arctic Hawk! Let me start by saying I am in no way bashing this boat! For me though it did not live up to the hype(or maybe just my expectations). It is a beautiful yak, and is very stable with very flat deck, designed to cut wind resistance. I think the stability for me is what I did NOT like, I had led myself to believe it would be more responsive. Also, I think I might have not been heavy enough for the yak itself as I had alot of freeboard- boat still out of the water, catching alot of wind. Exact opposite of what I want in my next yak!! Still an awesome yak though for a heavier paddler-say 185-220 lbs.

I did however fall in love with the Stitch & Glue Night Heron- Quite possibly my next kayak! That all hinges on what I think of the Petrel- which they did not have to demo at Sat. days paddle. I think it is because it is such a Great Yak that no one wanted to give theirs up for demos!! If anyone knows Nick Schade who designed it– tell him to bring it to Florida!!!! Ha Ha!!

All in all a wonderful day on the water spent with good people, really fun kayaks- as I did paddle others, and nice weather! Uh,Uh,Uh I almost forgot to mention, the Kaholo SUP!! The What? SUP- Stand Up Paddle Board. In laymans terms a really thick Surf Board you stand up on and paddle with a long extended paddle. The Tahitiaans have been doing it for countless years! I have some previous experience with them, as I am a Recovering Surfer!! Lots of FUN & a new perspective on the water from a different height, although still a Paddle Purist type sport! If you get the chance do yourself a favor and TRY IT! The chance you will fall off the first time is good, but hey look at it this way– you got to get Wet!!!! Gotta go for now, Happy Paddling- whatever you paddle!

-Sea Turtle Sean

CLC Shearwater 17 an elegant West Greenland light touring kayak

CLC Shearwater 17 an elegant West Greenland light touring kayak

I had a great time at the Chesapeak Light Craft: Florida Demo Saturday.

clc-night-heron-jeff-april-4-2009Out of the available kayaks, my favorite all purpose kayak is the Night Heron Stitch & Glue. I was able to turn it 190′ with no effort using a bow-rudder. I felt stable in it and it is fast!



I would still like to play in the CLC Petrel, CLC Greenland Night Heron, and the CLC Aleutesque.

I think I may enjoy the CLC Matunuk Surf Kayak. I really need to demo one in a three foot surf.


Chesapeake Light Craft: Florida Demo

Posted: April 2, 2009 by Jeff Fabiszewski in Gear Reviews, Kayaks
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Russel of Sweetwater Kayaks is having Chesapeake Light Craft demo their wood kayaks Saturday April 4, 2009 on the Gandy Beach.¬† Sean and I are planing on paddling several of these kayaks.¬† —Jeff

CLC Boat Demo in Florida

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Dates: Apr 4, 2009

What: CLC Boat DemoDemo CLC's Fleet!
Gandy Beach – St. Petersburg, Florida
When: Saturday, April 4th, 11am to 4pm

Come see us in St. Pete on Saturday, April 4th! We’ll have about 18 boats there for you to try on the water at Gandy Beach.¬† We’ll be easy to find—look for the big white truck that says “Chesapeake Light Craft.”¬† In-water trials are from 11am to 4pm.

The complete boat list is below, but YES!¬†We’ll have the new CLC dory for you to try out on the water.

John C. Harris will be there and he’ll be a bit short-handed, so help in unloading and reloading the boats will be much appreciated.¬† Also, we’ll bring lots of PFDs but last year so many people showed up to this demo that there were long lines to get into the water.¬† If you bring your own PFD you’re less likely to have to wait.

Please bring your own CLC boat if you feel like it!  Everyone will enjoy seeing your work.

Many thanks to our generous friends and sponsors for this event, Sweetwater Kayaks.¬† They’ve hosted our demos there before, you’ll recall.¬† This is a nice spot and we’ll have boats on the water from 11am to 4pm.

Learn more about Sweetwater Kayaks here.  Gandy Beach is located here.

It’s not required, but please¬†RSVP if you get a chance.¬† Look forward to seeing you there!

Here’s what we’ll have there for you to try out:

Chesapeake 16LT, 17LT, 17
Shearwater 14 Hybrid, Shearwater 16, Shearwater 17
Wood Duck 10, Wood Duck 12 Hybrid
Night Heron Stitch & Glue
Night Heron Strip High-Deck
Arctic Hawk (Small cockpit)
Sea Island Sport
Mill Creek 16.5 Hybrid
Matunuck Surf Kayak
Annapolis Wherry
Passagemaker Dinghy
NEW! Kaholo SUP &  CLC Dory