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Well, I Finally did IT!! I took the plunge and purchased my first Touring/Expedition Kayak. Some who know me will be surprised to learn that I did not actually own my own Touring Kayak, even after 8 years of paddling as a Guide/Instructor. Did not need to because I always had something to paddle working for Osprey Bay Outdoors. (actually many yaks to choose from)! So any way lets talk about my new boat!!!!

I Decided on this Kayak for a few reasons, first and foremost, I could not pass up the price deal I got. As we all know times are hard right now and if you can afford a picture of a kayak your doing good, let alone the real thing!! Now I can not disclose how good a deal I got, because we need to protect the names of the innocent, there was an exchange of cash. Lets just say I should have been put in Paddlers Prison!!!! As they say “It was a STEAL!!!!”

Second reason is because my Paddling Buddy KayakKev or “Sugar Bear” as I know him has an Atlantis Titan Kayak, the largest of the Atlantis Kayaks. These boats were designed using NASA Space CAD/CAM Software. Also they are made in Vancouver Island,Canada; a place known for its rough paddling conditions. So I knew these boats were built to last and handle well in BIG WATER, and designed for open water crossings. The third reason was the color was just right, anyone who knows me; and for those of you who don’t. I LOVE GREEN!!!! The kayak is Lime Green on the deck,trimmed out in Navy Blue hatch covers and the same for the seam tape. Hull is Snow White.( Yes, I think you could fit the Seven Dwarfs in her hatches!) Now I’ll tell you her specs and how she handles::

The Atlantis Mis T (Miss Titan) is actually built for the woman paddler, but the only difference between the Titan and MisT is length, and hull shape. Atlantis also makes a kayak called the Wav and it is identical to the Mis T only a different hull. The reason I chose the Mis T over the other 2 is that it has a hard chine hull and the other 2 are soft chine. I personally like the feel of a hard chine hull, the way you can lock it into two distinct positions when “J” leaning. The kayak is 16.5″ feet in length and 22.5″ in width. This is wider than what I normally paddle but after comparing to several well known expedition Yaks( NDK Explorer & Nigel Foster Legend) it was very similar in dimensions. The Yak has a Canadian style bow much like a Necky Elaho (now discontinued) and cut-off stern also similar to the Elaho. The boat tracks super straight when using a reverse stroke for going backward. And, well what can I say– PLOWS through chop and rolling waves!!!! The Yak does have a rudder and at first this was awkward for me because I usually prefer a skeg. The thing to remember is if a Yak has a rudder there is a reason why!!!! To help steer in rough winds (usually a beam or side wind) and certain currents!!!! After playing with a rudder most paddlers will come to appreciate them, especially when their Kayak is getting squirrelly in side winds and you drop the rudder and make slight steering adjustments and the yak straightens right up( does produce some drag!). This is a fast yak that I am enjoying more and more with each new paddle I do. The boat does slow down a little in calm water, this is due to its design and love for rougher water( alot of rocker). All in all there is no perfect Kayak, but this yak will get er’ done from playing on day paddles to month long expeditions! Also not to bad on weight at 52 lbs., (a little heavy for fiberglass, but this is due to tough construction of kayak). Highly recommend this boat!!!! See you on the WATER!!!!

Sean “Topa Honu” Fitzgibbon