Toxic Sludge

Last night Sean and I met with Russell and Ron at The Brew Garden.  It was a successful evening and we covered a lot of material.  But this post is not about the plans on our future paddle, the Sweetwater Symposium, the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival, or the Safety Class we are offering to our local MeetUp group.  This post is about a new brew.

I asked the bartender what the new tap beer was this month and she said “we just got ‘Toxic Sludge’ in…I don’t know anything about it…want to try it?”  I said yes and it was good.  It was so good that even Sean and Ron ordered a glass.  We were trying to figure out why it tasted so good.   It looked and smoothly flowed past my teeth like a stout but tasted like an IPA.  It had a lot of pine hop taste, a chocolate malty base, a tan stout like head, and a light burnt aroma.  No one at our table is a foodie or beer aficionado but we all thought that this new beer was a dark IPA but to our knowledge there is no brewery making a dark IPA.

Today I did a little research and discovered we were drinking not only a dark IPA but also that our beer drinking dollars were going to a non for profit cause.  Blue Point Brewing Company made and launched “Toxic Sludge” in August 2010 in response to the BP Oil Spill.   And 100% of the proceeds go to Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research for their “Spreading Our Wings” Capital Campaign.  There are only three disappointing things about this great thing that Blue Point is doing.

  1. The oil spill was the muse for this great tasting Dark IPA.
  2. It is very hard to find.
  3. They have made a limited batch and when it runs out it will be gone.

All I can say is  I hope two things happen.  I am going to try to find some 22 ounce bottles for a rainy day.  And  I hope that there are so many people enjoying this brew that Blue Point decides to make “Toxic Sludge” a permanent addition to their list of well crafted beers.  – Jeff


  1. Most of my friends hate IPAs, but I’ve grown to like them more than any other beer. I’ll drink the lighter stuff, but when I can find a good IPA, I’m on it like white on rice.

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