🎦 environmental Halloween movie

It is almost Halloween.  The upcoming weekend is a time to have fun.  It is a time to take our kids out trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, go to costume parties, and tell thrilling tails around a campfire.

Telling stories around the campfire is a great way to express creativity and to enjoy the rush of being scared. It is the pounding of the heart lets us know that we are alive.

If you cannot get on the water and curl up to a campfire with friends to tell stories then I have the movie for you.  Recently I viewed an environmental movie that will put you in a realistic fight or flight sensation of foreboding anxiety and panic. When you cannot go kayaking because the water is frozen go skiing with two of your closest friends.

Frozen (2010) is an environmental thriller that takes place at a ski resort.  Three friends go skiing and get stuck on the chair lift.  There is no supernatural forces at play.  The writers did not put a villain into this movie.  The protagonist is the snow, darkness, and the fear of being stuck 50 feet above the ground.

“thankfully, [ Frozen ] does not conform to the recent trends of low budget horror films.  It is a small-scale story that explores a commonplace fear that could literally happen to just about anyone.  There is no ‘Well I would have done things differently and made it out OK.’  The list of possible outcomes for this scenario is extremely short, no matter how you tackle it.  When one is hoping that the characters of this film make it out alright, what they’re really hoping is that it never happens to them.”  (screencrave.com Jan 26, 2010 – By Brendan Walsh)

Is there a happy ending to this movie?  My wife and I say no; however, Sean says “it sort of has a positive ending”.  I will let you decide.

– Jeff

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