2010 Sweetwater Kayak Symposium in St. Petersburg, FL.

Russell Farrow has invited me to participate at the Sweetwater Kayak Symposium in St. Petersburg, FL.  The symposium begins February 18th 2010 and concludes on the 28th.

On Sunday February 28th, I will be teaching two courses: Kayak Cooking, and Kayak Expedition.  I hope to see  you at the kayak symposium. – Jeff


Kayak cooking – cook like a chef verse eating nuts and berries (lecture class)

See, discuss, and taste the benefits of different high tech and low tech cooking styles. Participate in the comical antics of cooking out of a kayak. Watch and learn high tech and every day cooking methods to easily whip up tasty foods that will impress you paddling mates and give you the energy to realize you paddling goals. Paddlers will end the class by sampling the tasty high-energy foods that Jeff cooked during class.

Kayak Expedition – camp like a king or go primitive (lecture class)

Camp like a king verse going primitive. See the entertaining realities of both styles of getting out and enjoying an overnight trip. In addition, discover how every person can benefit from a multi day trip on the water. Paddlers will get an entertaining overview of why kayaking is what you make it. Discover the cool high technical and low tech kayaking gear that works for our needs of comfort verse our needs of roughing it.

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