Expedition: Jeff’s why

“Deep thoughts”…


I kayak to reconnect with what I lose by being apart of the rat race.  Work dulls my senses.  I quickly travel isolated in a “box” to work.  I work in a different box.  I exist at work by seconds marked out on a clock.  To paddle is to leave the rat race, my car, my cubical at work, and my watch at home.  I am always amazed by some of the professional paddlers I have met and read about that actually turn an expedition into a rat race.  Paddling is all about reconnecting to nature.  And my wife always remarks at how relaxed I am when I get home.

(Guys…there are logical steps to keeping your wife happy and supportive of your adventures…I will elaborate on the things I have learned from wiser men in a future post)

This paddle for me is about reveling in the interesting landscapes along the historical Suwannee River.  I will be exploring every nook and cranny with the eyes of a toddler.  Sean and I are not planning on traveling fast.  Nor will we have a moment of boredom. To paraphrase “Forrest Gump” (1994) “when we get tired, we’ ll sleep, when we get hungry, we’ ll eat,  [when the water beckons] we’ ll go.”  We will be like the feather dancing with the wind.


Maybe I am odd in thinking like a “Soul Surfer” that riding the water is a gift that we are lucky to catch at that moment in time. But I am not alone in thinking that.  I have had the pleasure of meeting some professional paddlers that agree that “riding the water is a gift that we are lucky to catch at that moment in time”.  Moreover, they acknowledge how lucky they are to be able to make a modest living being a professional paddler.  It is easy to get into the trap of making a past-time into a rat race of a job.

I feel sorry for those people who turn paddling into a fast pace job.  And need a vacation to relax after they have finished paddling.

Thinking deeply – Jeff

kayak deep thoughts


  1. As you can tell by my blog name, the Suwannee River is a special place to me. I’m looking forward with anticipation to your journey. The SR is full of fun and places as old as creation. When do you start?

  2. It is 12 days before our paddle. On 27 Dec 2009 around 10am we will be paddling a part of Florida history. It is amazing how fast our departure date came up after we put it on the calendar.

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